Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meijer trip

Okay sorry no pictures today.. I had a bunch of frozen food items and wanted to get it in the freezer considering for some dumb reason I decided to get that stuff first when I got to the store.. then I was walking around trying to match up coupons with other deals such as clearance items and other sales. I have not been cutting out my coupons so all the coupons I had on me are old and some are about to expire.

Here is what I wound up with

11/$10 (or 10/$10 and the 11th for free)
6 Green Giant steamers used 6 $1/1 coupons 4 from inserts 2 IP
2 Betty Crocker mashed potatoes used $1/2 coupon
3 Land O Lakes Butter used 2 50 cent coupons (no clue why I didn't cut out more for myself)
2 Hunts Ketchup (they gave one of these to me as my free 11th item)

5 Lysol toliet bowl cleaners $1.04 each used 5 50cent coupons = 54 cents each! yahoo
2 4 in 1 Lysol multi purpose lemon (I think) spray $1.39 each used 2 $1/1 I had= 39 cent each DOUBLE YAHOO
2 4 in 1 Lysol wipes used two 75 cent coupons (I had coupons for double action wipes and I had 4 of the wipes. 2 of the coupons scanned in fine, the other 2 wouldn't go so the cashier looked at the product and wouldn't take the extra 2 coupons for the wrong product but didn't care about the first two. I had her take the other 2 off) so my total was 98 cents for both!

2 Bakery Items marked down to $1.97
2 Ore Ida Hashbrowns price drop 99 cents used $1/2 coupon from All You August mag
2 Meijer tator tots $2 each used 1 $1 coupons from mealbox

Pet Items
1 Mighty Dog canned dog food 61 cents used free coupons FREEBIE (had a neighbor give me a ton of old coupons and found that one in there along with some other free coupons that had expired grr)
4 Ceasar dog food 77 cents each used BOGO coupon from Sunday's paper

Okay so my total OOP should have been around $18.50 (give or take a few cents) without tax however 2 items did not ring up correctly and she didn't scan one of my $1 coupons (the ore ida one) so my total OOP with tax was $25.91 however I'll be going back to Meijer to collect my $5.47 so my total would have been a little over $20. Not bad for a good size cart of stuff.


Jennifer said...

I'm planning a Meijer trip tomorrow....I love the 10/10 with 11th free...I always stock up on alot of stuff!

Jennifer said...

Last time I went for the 10/10 I got several items. I think I did 50 items and got 5 free. It's really a great deal especially if you have coupons for that stuff. I have a big shopping day planned for tomorrow. Did you see the link on money saving mom for the Walgreens $10/$40? It's good Friday & Saturday. Woo Hoo!!

*Hippie* said...

I REALLY wish our local stores had such great deals!!!!!

I have a stack of pet coupons here and some other coupons that I just have major excess of that I want to mail you. Email me your address please!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey girlie....I have a question. I'm hoping you can help me!! How do you post a link to a specific blog entry? And how do you put things in categories? Is that what labels are? How do you do it? I'm confused@#$^@%$!!!