Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I ♥ Butera clearance

Okay.. have I not told you guys about Butera clearance before? Seriously.. every time I go there I hit their clearance sections because they change every day. In the produce section they normally have a full cart of produce that has been wrapped and greatly reduced in price.

Today I got 4 huge peppers (red, yellow, 2 green) for 79 cents. Nothing wrong with any of them.. I cut them up and threw them in my freezer.. DONESKI (that's done in Chitown polish if you didn't figure that out) Also I go by the bakery and look at their stuff.. most days they have brat buns, hamburger buns, or dinner rolls marked down to 99 cents. that is what they had today so I got some hamburger buns. Other days they have garlic bread marked down and sometimes those awesome sugar cookies with all the frosting on them.. yummmm The garlic bread I normally take home and throw right in the freezer.

I know Butera is a small little grocery chain in the Chicago area. They are family owned and operated. They boast an amazing produce section normally priced well below the other area grocery stores.