Thursday, September 25, 2008

hmmm what I *thought* was a fun Target run turned out to be not good!

grrr.. I'm so angry right now.. anyway.. I went to Target to try to cash in some of my $1 cat litter coupons. They have my cat litter for $1.77 but for some reason they have all stopped carrying the type I normally buy and I've had to resort to the one type of that brand I don't like and have way too much of. grrr.. So of course this store only had the type I don't like so I decided since I had time, my coupons, and tons of clearance I would walk around and check out some deals.

This is what I thought I walked out with...

3bags of Beggin strips little on sale for $2.10 had $1 off coupons
2 bags of Goodlife treats $1.73 had $1.50 coupons
1 bag of Iams cat food $7.49 with a $7 off coupon
1 cat litter air filter 94 cents
5 sunshades on clearance for $1.98 each
1 bike lock clearance for $2.98
1 bike wind up headlight clearance for $4.98
1 combination lock $2.08 but rang up as 74 cents
various back to school items all under 40 cents each
pack of wash clothes $1.48 on clearance

my total after coupons was $39 and I didn't even think about it because I had multiples of many products and I forgot to use my $5 gift card from a few weeks ago.. plus most of this stuff is Christmas gifts so I thought I was doing good.. umm yeah.

So after my CVS trip (which I'll post about next) I came home, spread out my loot to take a pic of it for my blog (which is very helpful). So I'm looking at everything just trying to make a mental note of what I should have paid for certain things and my total is nowhere near $40.. I'm at like $28 and that was with a cushion. I look at my receipt and realize the cat food rang up as $11.49 and the Goodlife treats $3.99!! umm yeah there is my difference!

I called the store and explain the situation. Most stores just say "bring your receipt back and we'll get it worked out" ooh no the operator tried to tell me that sometimes people decide they don't want a product and put it down anywhere in the store.. UMMM no I bought these things from the specific shelves. there were many other products and I even usually will READ what the tag says to at least verify that it's in the right place. She said she didn't know and basically acted like too bad... so I asked for a manager. Some guy comes on the line and is telling me I have to come into the store NOW and when I tell him I don't live close (I wanted to check out the new CVS by that Target which is the only reason I went there) he said "TELL ME WHAT DAY AND TIME YOU WILL BE HERE SO I CAN NOTIFY CUSTOMER SERVICE" umm what??? what happened to "when you have time" or "next time you are in the area" wtf is that!!

So I explain the situation again and he says I have to come back when the prices are the same.. omg whatever.. TELL ME HOW LONG I HAVE AND I WILL TRY TO GET BACK THERE WITHIN YOUR TIME FRAME so he tells me 2 weeks and takes down my name.. what is that going to help? seriously.

So I get off the phone and my husband is standing on the stairs and he's laughing at me and says "you get so angry" OMG the man who gets angry about everything is telling me I get angry when I'm being treated poorly? hello.. so I tell him what they said and he's still laughing at me like I'm in the wrong!!! WTF not a good day here guys!


Lisa B. said...

Sounds like the man at my house. He's on my shit list right now too! All I got to say is he best behave tomorow and not screw up my big trip i have planned to go into the city.

as far as the errors at target, any store that does that makes me so mad! How many other customers have they already ripped off when those items are advertised on sale? You be sure to go and give them hell over it.