Friday, September 26, 2008

for the 400th time.. I have no clue what happened..

Double Dip Days started at midnight.. so guess where I was at 11:48pm.... ha ha ha getting all the deals because someone else always beats me to them.. well not sure if it helped or not.. we'll see.

♥10 bottles of glade spray $3.99 each used 10 $1.50 manu coupons plus $1 Sept ESC and will get back $10 from Oct ESR in the end 49 cents each (well less with the extra 10% ESR)
♥6 Glade Candle $5.99 each used 6 $2 manu coupons plus $2 Sept ESC plus will get back $8 from Oct ESR so 4 of them are free and the other 2 were $1.99
♥12 Herbert Choc bars $1.99 each (somewhere I thought I had seen they were on sale 2/$3 but I guess they aren't) used the $3/2 coupon so wound up being 2/99 cents
♥Revlon nail polish $4.79 used $2 manu plus will get back $4.79 from Sept ESR
♥Pert Plus $3.79 (the shelf said $3.49 I swear) used $2 manu $2.50 Oct ESC plus will get back I'm not sure because the coupon wouldn't work so they hard coded it in as $1.29
♥Acid Reducer $7.99 used $2 Pharmacy coupon and another I don't know what I'll get back because she hard coded $5.99 because that Pharmacy coupon wouldn't work but it should be $7.99 Sept ESR or free
♥snapple packets $2 (was looking for the Wylers ones they used to sell couldn't find them)
♥2 Shake n light flashlights on clearance for $2.49 each (I have a small one in my car I love, got this for my dad. He drives back and forth to AZ a few times a year)

Okay that sums it up.. my total came to $130 then I gave her coupons and she had to hard code the Oct ESC because they wouldn't scan and the pharmacy coupons. Plus I had the prices wrong on the Glade Spray I thought they were $2.99 each and the Herbert Chocolate so I'm thinking of returning them. hmm anyway after all the coupons plus the $5/$20 (I should have separated this into a few transactions to get at least another $5 off, oh well) then a $4.50 RR plus $12.48 off my CG my total OOP was $38.27. If I get all my rebates back plus 10% I'll get back $38.50. Not too shabby! lol!

**yeah I just figured it out.. if I had cut it into 3 transactions or even 2 I would have paid $26 OOP after $4.50 RR and $12 GC instead of $38. Can't win them all!


Lindsay said...

Wow!!!! Awesome!!! I love that fabric spray - I have about 7 of 'em from last month ! Will have to go get a few more... ;)

Jennifer said...

Dam you're good!!!!

*Hippie* said...

That looks like an awesome trip!!!!!

frugalsuz said...

Were you able to use more than one Easy Saver coupon on the Glade sprays? Did it take off $1 per bottle or did you have a whole mess of the coupons to use?

I also thought they were going to be $2.99 and mine rang up higher too. I'm trying to figure out where I saw that. :(

Melissa said...

Hey Frugalsuz

The Glade I used one ESC and it rang up as -$10.00 same with the candy -$18 and the candles -$12

Cassie said...

oooh i just saw this post and got excited cause i saw those glade candles that i SO BADLY want to try (but they are crazy expensive) and in our coupon inserts this week we got TRY IT FREE coupons. looks like im gonna be digging through the recycle bins monday night! ;)

Lisa B. said...

Looks like you did a good job there. I hate it when I know i've seen something advertised on sale, get there and it rings up different. I get really mad over it as a matter of fact. I think stores do that on purpose.

I have my friday freebies posted, be sure to check it out.