Monday, September 8, 2008

early Sunday WAGS run

well it was early for me.. 8:10am is really early for me since I've been unemployed.. anyway... I went specifically for the Scrubbing Bubbles shower deal which was $19.99 on sale with a $5 manu coupon plus I used my $10 RR from last week and got another $10 back! My WAGS has always had exactly 3 of these on the shelf at any given time.. not sure how I know this but it's true so I wanted to be there bright and early to cash in on this deal. I basically only had to spend $5 OOP for this (considering I don't count RR's I earn until I use them) but I had my GC so my total was 0 oop!! yeahh!!

anyway.. I was there and my buddy Julie was working and of course I decided to look at clearance stuff since I brought no other coupons than my RR and manu with! amazed? I was too.. I think Julie thought I couldn't walk without that coupon box, it holds me up ya know!

anyway.. this is what I walked out with.

My total after coupons was $59.88 but I paid with my GC no wonder my GC goes so fast every month! lol! Most of the stuff I got is for all the kids I buy Christmas gifts for. The BBQ set was $5.19 and that is for my brother/sister in law, the desk lamp is for my father in law and the wind chimes are for all the ladies I have between my and my husbands family.

So I'm going to start listing out the people I buy for and figuring out what is for whom and what else I need to buy to fill the gaps. Either way I think I'm in pretty good shape!