Thursday, September 25, 2008

My new CVS

Okay for some reason the second I walked in the store I just felt not prepared and I have no clue why.. I knew the prices of everything I wanted, had my coupons all neatly together ready to go..

I walk in and it's a brand new CVS just opened on the 7th of September. We never got cool "come check out the new CVS" coupons like other people I've heard about so I'm a little miffed at that.. but whatever. So I walk right in to scan my card, there was this weird little screen like a broken computer and I try to scan my card.. NOTHING.. so I see an employee and ask and he says "it's broken" in the most broken English I've heard this week. Ok.

First Transaction
10 soy joy bars 10/$5 used 5 BOGO coupons (tried to use a $2/$10 coupon and of course he tried that one last so it wouldn't scan, yeah thanks buddy)
1 Nivea body wash $4.99 used $1 off coupon

$2/10 coupon my total was under $10 with tax so I grabbed the kit kat bar, $3.99 ECB total OOP $1.06 Earned a $4.99 ECB

6 Purina dog foods $1.19 each BOGO sale used 2 B2G1 free coupons
1 Adidas deoderant $4.99 tried to use $1 coupon and the bar code had been cut off! ughh not even sure where I got it from but I didn't have another.. so oh well.

$2/10 coupon and then I tried to use a $5 ECB which wouldn't work. So he realized he never scanned my card even though he had my keys next to the register. Okay so he scans the BOGO dog foods come off and my total is negative something.. so I quick grab 2 kit kat bars and my total OOP came to 35 cents. I earned a $4 ECB

I used my debit card for both transactions.. on my way home I was thinking I have like $4 in change in my purse why did I not use that! ughh oh well.

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jskell911 said...

Aw, you'll get the hang of CVS in no time! I actually find them easier than WAGS.