Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's my birthday week!! check out all the birthday freebies we've found!

Just by chance MONEY SAVING MOM also is having a birthday this week and listed out a ton of great places that offer birthday freebies for all ages! Check those out.

I then ran into this site MR CHEAP STUFF and they also have a great list of other YUMMY places that offer birthday goodies! nice!

Seeing as how THIS WEEK is my birthday I've been getting birthday emails from local as well as national chains for at least a week offering free meals, free desserts, you name it.. here are a few I didn't see on either list I wanted to share! All of these places follow the link and find their eclubs. All of them will ask for your birthdate when you sign up, but some will also ask for other important dates in your life (anniversary date). All of these places are places I LOVE to go to normally so if you haven't been there, check em out!

I got a free meal email, all I have to do is print the email and go! yummo!

Texas De Brazil I get hungry just going on the site and hearing the music they play.. seriously.. if you have not been to a brazilian steak house, getting a free meal (with the purchase of a full priced meal) on your birthday is the way to go!

I have to explain how these places work, because if you haven't been there WELL YOU ARE MISSING OUT but you'll be a bit confused without a little direction. Of course your server will be happy to explain as well.

Okay, you go in, get seated, and then the server comes to ask you for your drink orders (pretty expensive.. like a small little 8oz bottle of coke is $3-4 each) I normally just order water. They will of course ask if you have been there before. They direct you first to the salad bar which is amazing. I believe it has over 80 items including Lobster Bisque soup, sushi, along with other expensive yummies like prochuttio and grilled provolone. ohhh so yummy.. so of course you fill up on the salad bar which is never a good idea.

Next they give you (as pictured above) a little disc. On one side is green meaning GO and the other RED meaning stop. The guacho's or brazilian cowboys once seeing your GREEN GO card turned up will start stopping by your table each with a different meat! It's amazing. They are normally serving 12-15 meats during a normal meal so once you figure out your favorite then you can keep an eye out for that guacho.

I live in the Chicago area and a full price dinner is $42, so with the coupon for both of you it's roughly $65. But it's all you can eat and you can stay as long as you want.

Old Country Buffet also known as Hometown Buffet in other areas sent me a birthday coupon good for a free meal.

Sweet Tomatoes also called Souplanation in other areas sent me an email for a free meal as well!

Okay.. those are my favorites (all you can eat is popular with me, can you tell? I know they make a ton of money off of all of us.. and after this week I have to get back on my diet.. I've gained well over 30lbs! eek)

Well to everyone with a birthday in October, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy the freebies!