Thursday, September 4, 2008

okay lady.. you pushing your cart up my @zz is not going to get you and your 4 kids out of this store any sooner!

Okay I had a bad hounding day.. I'll just put that up front.. starting with Wal-Mart. I needed to get a gift for my husbands god-daughters baptism this Sunday and there were 2 ladies at the Jewelry counter who decided that they weren't going to help me. I finally had to go up to a CSM that I recognized close the jewelry dept and ask her how to get help.. finally one of the ladies came and helped me.. but of course she was suggesting I get the baby a savings bond over getting the baby what I wanted. Whatever. Savings bond suck now, they take what 38 years to mature now? Total insanity. I chose an appropriate gift and moved on. Getting through the register was another story based on a really slow cashier, a lady with a ton of coupons for items she didn't even have! If I had more power on my phone I would have taken a picture of her and started a segment called "the people who make couponing impossible for the people who are attempting to coupon legally" anyway.. I finally got through.

Next stop, Ulta.. I ran around the clearance and I had a 20% off for the entire order coupon and a $5/$10. When I get to the front the girl said "I can't use both coupons together so can I just divide these two orders up.. it will be the same" I completely snapped back because I had a 20% off coupon last week and the girl was trying to get me to use that $5/$10 but because my total wasn't even $5 she said I couldn't use it.. she even told me to go run and grab another item "just grab a nail polish" to get it over $5 so I could use it.. I should have because this girl wouldn't let me use them together even though I explained that another cashier would have let me use them.. "she was wrong, you can't do that" I left my items and left the store.. typing this out it now makes sense because the 20% coupon I had for last week was for ONE ITEM and the one for this week was for your entire purchase. Still she could have explained that instead of "it's the same" umm noooo it's not.. let me figure it out for you.. doh!

and finally the grand finally of my trip. I get to CVS and scan my card and get my $5 ECB that I called on last week WOOOT!! and a $2 off 2 gold emblum nuts and I think $1 off 3 CVS paper towels. So I start my hunt for the purex, dawn, cover girl lip slicks, and flavor ice deals.. yeah no dice NOT ONE of any of them... yeah.. jerks. They never have anything stocked. ughhh I guess there are a ton of hounders out there clearning those shelves but they should have a huge stock in back just waiting for this. They were restocking shelves while I was there but of course I looked at the boxes they had waiting and not one of them was dawn, purex, or cover girl..

I decided to walk around the store in search of some good clearance items. I found 2 of those Glucerna meal bars for diabetics marked down to $1.75. If I had coupons I could have made $7 off those puppies.. oh well.. such is life.. My dad loves them so I figured I could use my $2/$10 coupon to get one of them for free at least. Not bad. My husband has been whining about needing batteries for the smoke detectors (I guess it's a good thing to be whining about) so I grabbed some Duraceel that were on sale for $5.79.. now here is the kicker.. I had to use a $5 ECB and I got NOTHING back! GASP! I know.. horrible.. my total was like $1.7.... something not bad for all I got.. so I was happy..

Okay now this is not the first time this has happened to me but today it was super irriatating because as usual there is not one person in the store. I decide to check out and the lady in front of me is arguing about some water she is trying to buy that didn't ring up right. She was right, she even went and got the sign off the display and put it right in the guys face. He was basically telling here there was nothing he could do and that "maybe she grabbed the wrong kind" umm no.. So now the line is the lady aruging about water, another woman behind her, me, and now walks in some lady with 4 kids. Okay whatever, they are just buying snacks. Her oldest a boy is dressed in a gi ready for his Karate class.. she's yelling at him that he has a string around his neck and he tells his mom that his sister had given it to him.. and she is yelling at him that throwing it at him and giving it to him are "2 DIFFERENT THINGS" now she is standing close enough to my back that if I decided to put my foot under the cart and lean forward my butt would have been touching her.. so now I look behind me and there is a good 8 people total in line including myself.

Finally the lone cashier calls for help and nobody comes.. of course.. then when someone does come up there is not one register that is clear to be able to use.. each counter was full of items that needed to be restocked. I finally got to get rung up and left the store.. whew.. but that is seriously not the first time that someone has been basically shoving me forward as if it's going to help them get out faster... I want to turn around and look at them and wait in line while staring right at them or turn around and be so close I could spit on them if I talked hard enough.. ughhh

oooh and must I forget.. my last stop the dry cleaner who LOST my husbands shirt had no clue where it was.. "what color was it" I have no idea and my cell is out of juice, so she hands me her phone to call him because she can't find it.. I call him, he says gray, the thing was hanging directly in front of me and she asks me "where is your tag for it" all I ever get is a receipt when I go there.. no clue.. but also while I'm in there some russian guy is asking for his drapes which he dropped off weeks before... "I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow I don't want to forget them" they weren't done yet! yikes.. think I'll be changing dry cleaners! lol!

so yes.. that was my day.. I think the rain is getting to me.. who ordered the cold and rain? huh who was it?


Jennifer said...

Wow, that sounds like a rough day. I can't stand it when CVS is out of everything on my list and when employees make you feel like you are wrong for making them do what they are being paid to do.

Dr. Mom said...

That was a cruddy day! Sorry. However, I would be happy to trade the rain and cold with my humidity and heat. I am sick to death of this hot summer (TN)! I would love a good Chili making day.

April said...

I hate when people crowd up behind you in line, it doesnt make me move faster so BACK OFF!!! Sorry you had a rought day :)

Jennifer said...

I think the store you are thinking of is in Chilicothe. Does that sound right. I looked at the list of participating stores and it was on the list.

It wouldn't hurt to go to public aid. We all need a little help once in a while. I would do it if it was me!!

Lisa said...

My sales at CVS starts on Sunday. THEY NEVER get the stuff in until Tuesday and put it out Wednesday. So now I go on Wednesday's and usually get what I'm after. I had to ask to find this information out.

At wally I had a man trying to push his cart up my a$$, I turned around and gave him a glare and he had the audacity to ask me "Is all those coupons really worth it?" I responded, wait and see and judge for yourself or you can feel free to get in another line! I was so mad at him, I think the cashier knew it and didnt give me any flack about any of my coupons! lol