Tuesday, September 30, 2008

great Target cereal run on Saturday night

not sure why I didn't blog about this.. I never took pics either!

I went for the 4/$11 General Mills cereal with the $5 card back deal! lol! I had a few 75 cents off Cheerios coupons but also had a $1.50/3 coupon I got from my local Jewel grocery store. It was a manufacturer coupon but had the Jewel logo on it.. so just in case they wanted to refuse it I had back ups of another 75 cent coupon and a $1/3.

It was late on Saturday maybe 9:30pm almost before closing so they didn't have all the signs still up in front of every prodcut that was part of the deal. I just wound up grabbing
♥2 boxes of Reeses Puffs
♥1 box Fruity Cheerios
♥1 box CoCoa Puffs

My total came out to $10.57 but the screen popped up for the $5 gift card immediately after he scanned the last box. I gave him my $1.50 and 75 cent coupons and he scanned them with no problems.. then I handed him my $5 GC from the pop tarts transactions a few weeks back. My total came out to $3.42 with that $5 GC!! not a bad run for cereal which I needed (believe it or not we were running low!)


Jennifer said...

Me luuuuuuv cheap cereal!!!