Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BzzAgent gave me this gaming system!

Welllllll I had to pay $50 but I got the games free or did I buy the games and get the gaming system free.. either way.. It was a good deal. and with my 4 guys hanging around here (my husband 31, my son 14, my oldest nephew 16, and my youngest nephew 10) we have every gaming system known to man.. including specific gaming computers, both the older kids have their own laptops. So the run down is XBOX, XBOX360, Playstation 1,2,3, Wii, Atari (the old school one), 3 PSPS, gameboy (2-3 of those floating around), we never had gamecube and we actually just got rid of our old Nintendo. They also play computer games on-line and against each other.. So this was more for me and to break up the "finding the Pimp Cup" hours with Grand Theft Auto. I figured it would be a way for all of us to play together (I'll have to get the extra 2 controllers) and exercise our minds.

Okay so it comes with the gaming system, 1 game and 4 remotes (WITH BATTERIES). Then I got 6 extra games along with it. We'll see what the hubbie says when he sees it.. I never told him.. he might want to give it to someone for Christmas gift, so who knows.

Anyway.. I'm loving BzzAgent. I finally took some time to navigate around their site a little more and finally moved up to a level 2 bzzagent. So I'm finally getting in on a few things. like this month I had mentioned some free taco bell, I got the scrubbing bubbles shower scrubber for free, and I have another campaign that I haven't recieved yet. It's all really great stuff.. I can't wait to get this game running and see how it works.

I had to take several pictures to get the final one I used because I kept getting photobombed by who other than my animals.. as usual.. check it out.


Tiffanie @ said...

haha awesome! i've been with bzzagent for a few months and still have not received any type of deals, even though i'm moving up their ladder as an agent. :(

Lindsay said...

ahh cool! I still haven't gone anywhere with bzzagent even though I try and do all my frogs- hopefully soon.

and hi to Blue! how cute!! :)