Monday, September 8, 2008

Nervous Nelly...

Okay I said I was going to post about her and here it is.. I've seen a few posts from my regular blog roll just in the past DAY that really had me seeing red. My deals usually take me hours sometimes over days to get just right and then I get all nervous going into the store because 9 times out of 10 I know the deal will be blown by one of several reasons.

a. they are out of stock on said item or several items that make up my deal(s)
2. I read the sale ad/blog wrong and have the wrong dates/product/price/store
d. the cashier sucks and won't use IP coupons
4. the cashier sucks and misses half my coupons
6. the cashier sucks and just won't take my coupons period
b. the register does not print my RRs or ECBS
g. the scanner isn't working at the store I go to so I can't get any coupons when I walk in which I love to do and it throws my entire trip off.
a. the rebate I thought I could do for said product doesn't start for another 3 days so I have to return said product and rebuy on said day so the receipt shows I bought said product on said day.
9. I bought the wrong product for said rebate.
10. I buy said product at store abc (I love abc stores but I'm just using the term "abc" for the example) and the next week said product is an even better deal at store xyz but I already used the coupon so I'm screwed.
f. I could probably go on and on with all the problems I have couponing/hounding but if you are reading this it's because you are also a grocery gamer and have experienced at least a few of my same problems.

**side note** the numbering/lettering like that was a joke from a movie.. I can't remember which movie it was but it used to have my mom and I laughing our butts off when we would talk like that.

So over at Frugal and Fabulous she wrote this blog close to giving up and it really struck home for me simply because I know where she was at. I know that exact feeling. It is unbelievably frustrating to hear how easy it is for others out there to walk into any store and have all their deals work perfectly.. I know maybe they did blog about their issues in the past and I've missed them.. but there are just times where feeling like you are the oddball out just makes it all worse.

Also another blog in fact the blog that really got me rolling was Hounding with Frugalsuz.. and this blog she wrote just last night makes me realize her deals don't always work out either. In fact, she is as frustrated as I have been in the past.. not sure why but this is actually a comfort to me especially since this is two blogs I read back to back last night. check out her problems. What a weekend

HERE at Frugal Floridian she writes about a look she got from the cashier during her transactions and then the comments the cashier made as she left the store.

In this day with dollars needing to be stretched as far as possible why is this such a big deal for stores ESPECIALLY recently? Is there going to be some crack down on couponing? Is it just that all of us had a bum weekend/week with this game? Is it a coincidence or is it my mind thinking too much that we are being discriminated against? Let me know what you think!


Lindsay said...

Thanks sweetie. It's so hard to keep fighting the good fight sometimes- but hopefully it's all worth it in the end. Sorry to hear about your husband getting laid off - I'll send some good vibes your way.

Keep up the awesome shopping!

*Hippie* said...

I moved my blog. Im not sure how long I'll be doing it because it's a lot of time and energy!!

Angie said...

So glad I'm not alone. . . .I enjoy your blog. It's becomming one of my favorites.

Amber said...

I think there are coupon nazi's out there! Certain store managers are out to get us! In fact, when I take my good coupon binder (not just a few coupons in my purse), I really think they screen each coupon in more detail. Like I'd try to get over? I just want a good deal, fair to me and the store. Perhaps, it's just a trend with the stores and it will end soon. They might get busy with the holiday's and leave us alone! How dare they pick on us!

Helene said...

Sunday morning at CVS the cashier told me my IP's were copies, that she couldn't use the Revlon Q's on the nail polish because one had a pic of a mascara and the number of coupons I had (maybe 15) made her flip out and confused. Then the manager told me my "one coupon per purchase" was messing it up because I was only supposed to use one per transaction (their definition of per purchase, not the coupon's). He finally ended up using them all.

Today I went to the Walgreens near work and the wonderful cashier took my coupons, didn't freak out when one beeped, just re-worked it all and told me it is a pleasure to serve people and God bless you when I left the store. When the coupon beeped she was actually telling me to calm down :-) and she'd take care of it. Keeping this sweet lady in the Chicagoland area all to myself cos y'all would swamp the place :-)

frugalsuz said...

"**side note** the numbering/lettering like that was a joke from a movie.. I can't remember which movie it was but it used to have my mom and I laughing our butts off when we would talk like that."

I always remember this from Home Alone. The big brother/jerk was saying something like a)... and 2)... and d)... It always cracks me up too!

frugalsuz said...

lol, I just finished reading your post and realized you mentioned me and my rotten weekend too. Everyone has days like that where nothing works out right. Its frustrating, but just part of the process. Although it really sucks when you're having one of those days! :)