Thursday, September 18, 2008

acts of couponing kindness..

ANOTHER LABEL TO ADD! LOL!! I had another act of couponing kindness come my way today... this one wasn't unexpected but the little note that came with it really was so sweet I just have to share.

I'll give you a little background here.. My husbands grandmother found out that I started using coupons for everything so she figured she would start clipping what coupons she got and mailing them to me. It was really nice because she is in her 90's, she and my husbands grandfather live together in their home. He still drives, they still do their shopping once a week on Tuesday I believe.. bowling, lunches, church, friends, and of course family keep them busy all the time. They live about 45 minutes to an hour drive from us so we don't see them as often as we could.

Okay so today I woke up and my sister called me like 3 seconds after I opened my eyes.. okay the only thing she could be calling me for is to go see my grandmothers grave.. sure enough, get your butt out of bed, take a shower, today is the day... we are going to see grandma (she died a few years ago, but we call going to see her grave just going to see grandma). We had planned to do this for grandparents day but my sister and mom are both nurses and scheduling conflicts are nothing new in my family. So my sister wound up having her days switched and she had off today so she figured she better get us all up and going otherwise the day would waste away and we wouldn't go.

As it happened, my mom & dad came as well and we had a great time being just our family.. the 4 of us. We went to both of my grandparents cemetary plots which happen to be a few miles apart and my fathers parents are buried right across from our favorite polish restuarant. So we had a wonderful day, the sun was bright, the breeze was cool and both the cemetary offices were open so we had access to bathrooms, people to help us hunt down other family members/friends plots, and other people to ask to remove some bushes from one plot that are over grown. It was a great day..

Better yet, I get home to find this FAT envelope in my mail box and I see Tim's (my husband) grandmothers handwriting with my name spelled out perfectly (I didn't take my husbands last name and have an impossible last name to boot). Sure enough the inside contained all the coupons that came 9/7 so I think we got 4 sets that weekend?

Here is what she said:

Dear Melissa,

First of all THANK YOU for the Grandparents day card. A few years ago it was always celebrated the last Sunday in September. next I was in the hospital from last Monday til next Thursday with ppnemonia. I'm home now and doing ok. Nexxt coupons were all from last Sunday, I never had so many in one day. Let me know if you have had enough.

Are you all ready for the wedding - really getting close! (
side note Tim's oldest brother is getting married Oct 5th) Wish I could write like you do. The mailman always has a big smile when he delivers it. You will be getting the magazine Family Circle. They sent me a coupon that I could give one to someone so I thought of you. I enjoy it and hope you will too.

Good luck going thru 194 coupons (yes she counted them). See you on the 5th of Oct.


I guess today is actually grandparents day today in my family anway! lol!


*Hippie* said...

I am glad you had a great day out with your family! I love spending time with my mom and sister in laws. It's been a long time since we have all spent time together!!

Awwwww how sweet of Tim's grandmother!!!!!! And that weekend was GREAT for coupons!! 4 inserts is awesome!! lol You know , my grandmother's boyfriend gets the Sunday paper and he brings me the coupons Sunday at church... well he started collecting them at the senior center to give to me. My Gram says he gets real mad if she tries to look through them and take any because he says they are for me! LOL

jskell911 said...

What a sweetie! Thanks for sharing the note. It gave me a much needed smile.

Jennifer said...

awwww....that is so sweet of her!! Our newspaper doesn't get that great of coupons so I save my quarters to buy the Chicago Tribune & St. Louis Post Dispatch. My Mom & Sister in Law usually save there inserts for me, but like I said they are not that great.

That's really cool to spend the day going to visit the cemetary. I used to do it alot, but life got too busy. I should take somet time & do that again here soon before winter comes! Yuck...winter!!

Lindsay said...

That's so beautiful. I love love love grandparents and wish mine (or my husbands) were still living. What a sweetheart! And can't believe sh counted the out!

Glad you had a nice day with your family!!!

:)Nice post!