Wednesday, September 3, 2008


ever seen the 'mo tussin part of Chris Rocks skit? if not check it out..

'mo tussin!

for some reason I couldn't add it to my blog.. weird.. anyway.. so today I went to WAGS I followed a deal on Iheartwags! actually two. I had a list of things I wanted to get at WAGs this week inlcluding refilling my black ink cartridge which I of course forgot at home.

1 Excederin Sinus $1.99 used $2 manufacturer coupon
3 Robotussin cough medicine $5.99 each used 3 $3/1 IP coupons (link on I heart wags)
1 lypsyl lip balm $1.99

used $9 RR total OOP $2.33
for other purchases I got a $10 RR for the Robotussin, $1RR for the excederin, and will submit the lypsyl to WAGS for a rebate next month! Not a bad run!


Lindsay said...

omg can't wait to try it!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thanks girl! :)

Meghan said...

Gotta tell you, I love your blog! I didn't know there was an IheartWags site until now...thanks for posting!

Clair said...

I didn't think you could do the Robitussin or Excedrin til next week??? Please lemme know! Clair