Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My mailbox runneth over!

Quite literally.. I've gotten a couple full size items the last couple days.. it's been great.. lots of freebie with coupons. I also got a ton of stuff that I've already given away or thrown out. I have been getting a ton of those vacation planners the last few weeks.. it's been nuts.

♥Shick intuition shaver cucomber melon (smells divine) with $2 coupon
♥Citracel calcium pills
♥Prilosec sample with coupons
♥ziplock sandwich bags with coupons
♥bounce dryer sheet
♥Nutrogena pink grapefruit face wash
♥kids DVD
♥Target coupons for Green Works products


Carrie said...

Gosh, how weird am i that i get more excited seeing the coupons you got than the products? i just see a $2 Schick coupon and think, great, $2 worth of free filler at CVS!

Lisa B. said...

OHHHHHHH, I'm so excited to see you got the schick razor! That means it was a legit deal and I should be getting mine! Doing the happy dance!!!!

April said...

Lots of great stuff in your mailbox, Jelious:)