Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Financial Shape

Well... I've been unemployed since April 11, 2008 and still am.. I've been trying to stetch dollars as best as possible but this grocery game has got me hooked. This month I did do a lot of stockpiling and bought some items specifically for Christmas gifts. My normal monthly grocery budget is $300.. This month I spent $499 and that is just on what I can account for. I know I'm missing a few receipts, for purchases that I've sent for rebates or just simply didn't make it to my receipt bin. So my goal for September is to record on the spreadsheet each purchase as I make them, basically keep myself current. that way any receipt that I need for a rebate will get recorded.

I have to say that my total SAVED was $939 and that was the total just from receipts that tell me what I saved. Places like Wally World and Woodmans (one of my grocery stores) don't give you a total or even say "our price is $2 most other places charge $4.50" which is the case for most items purchased at both stores. Regardless, my budget is $300 and I've gone over easily by $200 and this is only OUT OF POCKET expenses. I did not include RR, ECBS, and/or rebates that were used.

Also I do not include dining out which is in our entertainment budget but I'm betting that is wayyy over.. ughh I have to talk to Tim about that this month. He'll be going back to the boat in October for his 2nd job so going out will be slim to none chance like it was last year. We saved a ton eating out maybe once per week for 6 months. The once per week was our treat for ourselves on Sundays once I woke up and before he had to go in to work at 6pm... it was the one day we felt we had the time to get out together.

I'm going to try to post some pics of our stockpiled items.. I know we don't have a stockpile anywhere near as big as other blogs I've read, but it's a great start for us and we've been trying to pull from the stockpile and refill the stockpile as new sales come up.


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I know what you mean about eating out and how it can take a bite out of any budget. I try and always plan ahead by looking at my schedule and saying to myself..what will make that day easier.

For instance, I try and make my Wednesday night dinners super easy--like hotdogs/mac and cheese/canned veggies/chips..because we go to church on Wed night..So I want a quick and easy meal that I can clean up in a flash. I try and spend some of my grocery money on paper plates--they are cheaper than a trip to McD's :)
Hang in there---you will get better!

Lindsay said...

It takes a lot of time and a lot of restraint to save money (even with all of this stockpiling.) I think we're all just trying to watch what we spend but there are always things (like eating out) that are hard to give up. Personally I know that my DH and I have spent so much time saving that we're almost sick of keeping the belt tight on some things. It's a give and take, but I like your idea of keeping a spreadsheet! Goodluck hun, and we're all here to help!