Friday, September 19, 2008

grocery brag

Okay I don't have a pic because by the time I got home with these deals all my neighbors were outside and wanted to talk. I finally remembered I had groceries to put away including ice cream so I quick took them inside.

I don't ever get great grocery deals and to everyone else who is a grocery gamer I'm sure this isn't that impressive considering somehow I always read you have a balance of like $5 and you use a GC which I have no clue how you get. I don't have the same stores, not one store in my area ever does double coupon days, and we never get $5/$25 or anything like that ever in our area. I've seen Jewel do $5/$150 a few times.

♥ 5lbs of boneless/skinless chicken $5.99 $1.99/lb
♥ 2 lbs of bacon $1.99 each
♥ cilantro 2/$1
♥ tub of onions (on clearance rack) 89 cents
♥ skim milk $2.79 (this is a high price for me but we needed milk)
♥ 3 8oz bricks of cheese $4
♥ dozen eggs 99 cents
♥ edy's slow churned ice cream $2.89 used $1 manu coupon
♥ banana's $1.39
♥ 2 bakery garlic breads 79 cents each

$24.57 OOP total.

**side note for myself** I don't do a really good job keeping track of my savings like others do, however, I have started keeping a small spreadsheet just to keep track of how much I've spent. It's helping me stay on budget more than anything.

As of today I have spent $125.69 this month in groceries/wags/cvs/target/meijer runs. My budget for groceries is $300 per month so I'm doing very well as you can see. $300 includes all my groceries, paper products, toiletries but does not include eating out which comes out of my entertainment allowance.

My savings to date is $519.16 but that is a rough estimate because some stores break down your savings like adding in sales prices (what you would have spent if you hadn't gotten certain products on sale) other stores don't even give a "savings" amount so on those I count up my coupons and just put that in as my savings.


*Hippie* said...

Wow, you are doing awesome on your grocery budget!!!!! We don't have an entertainment budget but we need one! If hubby gets overtime, that's usually our entertainment! I used to have a $600 a month grocery/paper products/h&b budget (Hubby, myself, 4 kids and my parents eat dinner with us usually more than half of the week). Through couponing, I have my budget under $400!!!! So we have taken that extra money and started putting it in savings (ours and divvied among the kids as well)!

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

i think that's great! especially since you got chicken, which there are never coupons for! good job :)

do you ever get milk at CVS as a filler?

Lisa B. said...

I think you did awesome! I live in the land of no doubles also!

Eating out for us comes out of my grocery budget.