Monday, September 15, 2008

My car smelled heavenly on the way home

My first stop of the day was at WAGS, I had put together a few deals of things I wanted to get. On the way home I stopped at Woodmans and Meijer last (I'm posting out of order today sorry) but every time I got back in my car it smelled divine.. and here is why.

2 glade 2 pack oil refill $5.99 each BOGO but only up to $5.49
1 glade oil warmer FREE WITH COUPON ON REFILL PACK WATCH FOR IT plus $1 from rebate
3 glade candle refill B2G1 free coupon $1.99 each plus I'll get $3 from rebate
1 Crest Prohealth mouthwash $4.49 used 75 cent coupon got back $4.50 RR

used $10 RR cleaners last week and $4 RR Benadryl last week and 16 cents off my gift card. I got back a $4.50 RR from the mouthwash and I will get back $4 in rebates next month. Not bad.


Cassie said...

nice deals here! i love buying (or getting for free haha) those and getting in the car. the whole ride home smells awesome~