Saturday, September 6, 2008

I doed it! (yes that is correct English if you are like 2-4 years old)

Yes.. I doeded it!! I said I was gonna and I dooeded it.. okay.. this whole week has thrown me for a loop.. so just keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times and enjoy the ride (that is my life)... so.. I said I was going to clear off a couple shelves soon in my stockpile post. Loooookiiieee looookiee here...


YES!! I DID IT! woot! an accomplishment for this month.. amazed, I know I am!! lol! Our neighborhood had a garage sale today and I took a bike ride around and check out what people had (you never know) and this lady wanted $5 for this black book case that is about the same size as the other ones we had already in the garage.. check it out.

sorry I was a little slow on the uptake today (in many things just wait and see what other dumb stuff I did today) and decided to pull out the extra car to get the bookshelf in, but then didn't take the picture of the bookshelf totally empty with the car OUT OF THE GARAGE, so I had to lean over the car to take that pic. you get the idea. So I moved the car stuff to the bottom shelf of the new black shelf which is perfect and I moved what was in that top shelf to the top of the new shelf. So now I have 1 1/2 shelves that need to be filled! CVS time!!

So I headed out to CVS armed as usual of the deals all being there perfect just waiting for me.. each one.. the dawn dish detergent the lip slicks or whatever.. yeah I was going to give them as Christmas gifts.. I'm so bad with that stuff... sounded sorta fun.. but anyway.. I get there and no deals to be had.. so I walked around looking at the clearance and the back to school stuff that was on sale/marked down.. so this is what I wound up with.

table top grill $24 marked down to $6
lunch bag $9 marked down to $6 (I think) I bought it for my husbands non existant job
2 Purex laundry detergents $5.99 on sale for $2.99 used two $.50 coupons plus got $1 ECB back from each
popsicles $3.99 I knew these were not the right ones for the deal that had outlined but I wanted them to work anyway! lol! they didn't

I had a $4/$20 coupon I had emailed to me.. of course it wouldn't work and I was at the one CVS that will not even attempt to push it through. I gave her a $2/$10 and at that time I should have asked her to take off the popsicles because I owed some astronomical amount.. so I turned in a $11.98 ECB knowing I was only getting $2 ECB back for sure. not good.. so my OOP was $7.70 DOUBLE GASP {{QUE DRAMATIC MUSIC DAHHHA DAHHHDAHHH DDAAHHHH}}} so basically I paid for the portable grill but it's for a Christmas gift for my dad.. so it's all good..

lastly I got samples yesterday in the mail.. pretty good ones.

a free roll of TP (everybody can use that) with a coupon
and a free shaver

***note to self*** CVS YTD savings 728.85 Summer 2008 spending $102.68.


kimberly said...

Awesome deal on the bookshelf!!!! I need to figure out where to store more stockpile stuff - I have a pile in the kitchen that desperately needs to be put away!!! I am thinking since we don't really use our closets that I am going to set up some shelves in our master bedroom... I got the trimmer and TP in the mail yesterday!! :) My CVS totals since June 19th (when I started couponing) are: $272.86 spent and $1793.36 SAVED!!! Wahoo!!! (Or Woot!! as you say!!!)

Jennifer said...

Come over to my blog....I have something for you!!