Tuesday, September 2, 2008


okay.. this is strange.. I sent away for the free Philadelphia cheese and got it back in the mail. I wrote an email to the company and never got any responce until today (that was almost a month ago I think) so today I got a free coupon for a free tub of Philadelphia Cream cheese.. I'll take it.

P&G sent me another sample of tampons.. I didn't realize I signed up for so many, but again.. I'll take 'em!

Finally got that free gum from Stride, sweet Cinnamon I think it's called.. smells good and after my lunch with onions I'll be chewing a piece for sure.

Last but not least Fiber One sent me coupons (good ones too), a cereal sample, and a Fiber One bar sample (bmmmmffffhhhfhhfh that's the noise I'll be making after I eat it.. they are soooo good but give me horrible gas).

That's all for today folks!!


Jennifer said...

You are too funny!!! I keep waiting for more free stuff to start rolling in....it's like christmas isn't it?? lol