Monday, September 15, 2008

Banned from POO now household cleaners...

A few weeks ago I had to announce my addiction to free POO and show how my stockpile has exceeded what I'll ever use in 3 years time! lol! So now it's household cleaners.. sorry between Meijer having 1/2 off this week and WAGS having that great $10 RR last week I've stocked up..

Okay so here is my loot

11/$10 (or 10/$10 get the 11th free)
2 BC cake mixes $1/2 coupon
2 BC potatoes $1/2 coupon
4 Glade spray 1 BOGO 1 1/$2
1 hunts ketchup no coupon FREE ITEM
2 combos $1/2 coupon

1/2 off Lysol products
2 dual action wipes $1.24 had 2 75 cent coupons 49 cents each
10 Lysol wipes $1.24 each had 50 cent coupons for each 74 cents each
10 Lysol Kitchen spray $1.14 50 cent coupons for each 64 cents each
3 Lysol multipurpose solution $1.39 each 50 cent coupons for each 89 cents each
1 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $1.04 50 cent coupon 54 cents
1 Lysol 4-in-1 spray $1.39 $1 coupon 39 cents

38 items paid $26.85 OOP with tax. Saved $57.86!!! Not bad, basically that is 70 cents for each item with tax!


Cassie said...

omg you did awesome! i need some lysol, i can never seem to find coupons for it. hmm.. maybe i should email the company!

ps. you have one of my fave sites. i come like 3 times per day lookin for posts hehe

DealDad said...

I see the great deals you get at Meijer and wish I could find them here! way to go!

DealDad said...

That is, I wish we had Meijer here!