Friday, September 19, 2008

do you have one of these???

for ALL OF THIS???

I know other people have actually gotten wayyy more for 10 cents.. but I was happy.. here is how it all went down... (of course with me there is a story to everything.. I'm sure you are all learning this if you've read my blog before)

I was looking for the Aleve Sinus and realized you had to get it at the pharmacy.. ok no biggie.. well at some stores (not CVS) you can go to the pharmacy and they take all your information but you can pay for it at the front with the rest of your order.. of course CVS wouldn't let me do that.. okay.. fine.. so I finished my shopping and came back to check out.

I put everything up on the counter, she started scanning and the Aleve stopped her. But what she didn't realize is that it asks her first for the drivers license to be scanned.. so it was popping up with 1.20 (the grams of Pseudoephdrine that is in that product) so she thought it was giving her a price of $1.20 and I was like heyyll give me the whole shelf!! Of course, that wasn't what it was asking and she was all confused. Finally the manager came over to key in the amount of the product and then gave me $3 off because he knew I wouldn't get my ECB's. He leaves and she starts putting in all my coupons. She gets to the $2/$10 which I told her to use first but it wouldn't scan so she put it aside.. so now of course my total is $7 something and it won't work.. so finally she gets it work and it takes off my total so now I'm at a negative $1 something because she also finally remembered to scan my CVS card so the price of the Excederin came off. Okay she knew that was totally wrong, cancelled my whole order and started over.

Now this time I had watched that she had to scan in my DL first for the Aleve so when she got to the Aleve I shoved my DL at her and said "try this first this time" and of course it worked. So this time I see the price popped up with no issues so I'm thinking "okay cool I'll get my ECB" and she keys in CVS -$3... what? so I had no clue what she was doing but thought maybe she had to do it that way?? no clue.

She scans in the rest of my coupons and I'm standing there looking at my total and it's $4.48 so I throw up the 99 cent baby lotion. It goes over $5, I go to hand her the ECB and she tries to scan it and it won't work.. so she asks for my CVS card (which she never scanned this transaction either) and it takes my balance lower because my sale priced items had scanned full price.. so I'm standing there trying to get my balance over $5 to use my $5 ECB that is expiring next week. (I try to play it safe) so I wound up with the three bags of Reeses. If I had known that was how it was going to work I would have grabbed something for $5 instead of the two hand wipes which I had used as a filler so I could use the $2/$10 coupon.
Okay so here is my final break down

♥Aleve Sinus $3.99 75 cent coupon (the IP coupon link said I already printed it which I know I never did grrr)
♥excederin tension headache $2.99 used $2 IP coupon
♥2 CVS hand sanitziers 99 cents each used $2/$10
♥10 2 pack shick razors 99 cents each used 5 $2 off schick coupons one she had to lower to $1.90(yes I know I could get a better deal buying the 10 packs at Wal-Mart but they are always out)
♥travel sized Johnsons baby lotion 99 cents
♥3 Reeses 50 cents each

she gave me that $3 CVS coupon and I used the $5 ECB I mentioned.. My total was 10 cents.. one thin dime. I got back $6.99 in ECBS so I was really happy because I had lost some ECBS over the past few weeks not working my deals before going to CVS. It was nice to walk out with $1.99 more in ECBS than I had walked in with.

**side note**YTD Savings $818.25 Summer 2008 spending $111.76


*Hippie* said...

Awesome trip Melissa!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im surprised that you didnt inform the cashier that the manager had given you the $3 from the first transaction which she voided. As you explain that you saw her -$3 I would tell her that you already got that from the manager. Then you got it again in the printed ecb. So you really took $6 that didnt belong to you. And you brag about it. Im not impressed.

Melissa said...

no this was a separate transaction.. guess you didn't read that huh?

Melissa said...

plus do you know how many times I've left the store only to realize that they didn't scan some of my coupons? I'd say they owed me well over that $3 in coupons that they redeemed that I didn't get credit for.

Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

hey melissa! good trip, especially considering the cashier confusion! it's always a little bit of a pain (for me anyways) when they have a behind-the-counter product giving ECBs.....especially if they screw up a few times and have to keep rescanning your lisence....eventually the register tells them you can't buy it b/c you've reached your legal limit for the day! what a pain in the arse!

Lisa B. said...

You did great! When I went to get mine, the cashier at the pharmacy knew exactly what to do, thank god... and she let me use the $2 off excedrin pm coupon. Yipppeeee!

"So you really took $6 that didnt belong to you. And you brag about it. Im not impressed."...... how rude! Maybe that's why they posted anonymously, hugh?

*Hippie* said...

The anonymous poster is lame. @@

I have a bunch of those $2.00 off any Schick disposable...if I buy two at $0.99, I get them both free?

Melissa said...

yeah obviously anonymous didn't read that I said that the first transaction she voided because she effed it up to begin with and for some reason she had to key in the price of the Aleve, not sure why.. this is why the MANAGER told her to give the $3 now instead of getting the ECB. So yes, I got a $3 freebie which I didn't even realize I would get considering the Aleve wasn't scanning for her. But as I said, CVS owes me well over $3 in coupons that I didn't get on transactions especially from the beginning when I was too nervous to ask them to recheck something or tell them a coupon didn't scan.