Friday, August 1, 2008

hi hooo hi hooo it's off to CVS I gooooo, to practically steal their awesome deals... hi hooo hi hooo

{{{in my best surfer on acid voice}}}

so my rookie mistake for the day? not realizing I could pull the mascara deal twice! DOH! lol!

4 stayfree pads $4.50 each
1 Johnson's baby powder $3.99
2 maybelline mascaras $5.99 each

my total came to some insane price like $36 something.. *gasp*

hand her coupons..

2 B1G1 free stayfree coupons.. minus $9
$1 off Johnsons baby powder (from a magazine)
$18.50 in ECBS

My total OOP (which sucks) $6.67
ECBS earned $20!!

So I could have grabbed another 2 mascara's and paid with a $10 ECB paid $2 and got another $10 ECB oh well.

Basically I walked away paying for ONE mascara, getting the rest for free and then earning $20 to boot. I also upped my ECBs to $20 from $18.50 which isn't shabby. I'm new to this so I started with maybe $3 in ECBs.

I went to Wal-Mart but didn't really feel like sniffing out any deals. just got what I needed. One of those All You magazines that has all the great coupons, some flea stuff for my little puppino, and wet dog food.

I came home and got my mail.. and look.. ahhh SAMPLES.. yeahhh!!! another Warm Delights mini and a new Oatmeal Crisp cereal!