Monday, August 4, 2008

Thanks to CVS today wasn't a total loss... *sigh*

OKay.. because I messed up and did the Kelloggs deal early, I went back got my money back but no coupons figuring I'd get other coupons from my neighbors and/or parents.. well of course no neighbors have saved theirs for me this week (of course) and I've driven to every Dollar General that sells Sunday's papers on Mondays.. and of course they had Sunday papers just NONE with the coupons in them! ughh!

So I decide on my way home from driving all over to stop at Wal-Mart and see what deals I could dig up. I always have a little spiral notebook with all the deals I want to get where and with all the coupons tucked inside the spiral. Of course, I get to Wal-Mart make it halfway to the door look down in my trusty coupon keeper.. and LOW AND BEHOLD MY SPIRAL IS MISSING. Panic quickly sets in, I says OUT LOUD "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME" (some guy looked at me like I was a circus freak with 12 heads) because now it's like 140 degrees outside, I've been sweating my keester off for what seems like hours and now I can't even go inside Wal-Mart to the nice cool air and browse the isles for hours trying to find some deals because today I actually have time.. ughh.. so I go back to the car hoping my spiral just "fell out" and of course.. not there. *sigh* some swears too.

Here is my coupon keeper.. Yes it's a MONSTER box. I stole it from my son and nephew fair and square after I had to pay $11.88 for the box. They got the inside contents. It's perfect size. It holds full size envelopes, flyers, atm envelopes (for depositing rebates of course), an old envelope box that I throw the expired coupons in that eventually go to the troops overseas, and it used to be empty enough to hold my purse.. no longer.

view from the top

and the envelopes. I have extra envelopes like this one that are store specific. I *think* the CVS envelope is my favorite.

anyway.. so I decide to go home.. I'm sitting at the light and realize I haven't worked out any of my deals for CVS this week BUT I have most of my coupons in the car with me maybe I can make a few deals, get my CVS coupons, and this weeks flyer.. plus I had plenty of the new $2/$10 coupons printed and rearing to go.. It was only 2 miles out of my way.. I'm going.

So I get there go inside and these are the deals I put together.

First Transaction
2 packs of mechanical pencils 99 cents each
2 packs index cards $1.49 B1G1
2 packs Piolet pens $1.99 B1G1
2 Sure deoderants $2.49 B1G1
2 Pert $3.99 B1G1 (do you see a trend here?)
1 CVS personal lubricant $1.49
2 gold bond lotion 99cents each

$2 off any CVS skincare
$2 off any size gold bond lotion (got knocked down to .98)
$1 off any size gold bond lotion
2 $1 off Sure deoderant
2 $2 off Pert Shampoo

My total $4.08. MIR for School Supplies with Pert/Sure $5

Second Transaction
2 covergirl make-up $8.99 B1G1
1 CVS fem cloth $1.89
1 CVS hand santizier
2 trial sized gold bond powder 99 cents each

$2 off any CVS skin care
1 B1G1 covergirl makeup ($8.99)
2 $1 off any size gold bond powder (one rang up as .98)

Total $1.68. I had everything in my basket separated out until I realized that everything in my basket was going to be FREE.. so I ran back and got the hand sanitizer (I just grabbed anything that was over $2).

So my total for both transactions was $5.76, add in .42 for a stamp to mail the rebate = $6.18 so today for everything I paid $1.18

Then I get home.. now this is the good part.. I go to take all my goodies inside. I had stopped to pick up some formula from a fellow Freecycler for my friends baby, along with 3 bags from CVS, some misc garbage in my car, plus some of the coupons from this weekend I hadn't cut out yet and GUESS WHAT FALLS OUT FROM UNDERNEATH EVERYTHING?? My freakin spiral.. *sigh* more swears...

BUT THEN.. da da da daahhhhhhhhh (the plot thickens) I get to my mail box and what awaits me??? I won't keep you in suspense.. well not that long anyway.. hey did you see that chicken? why would there be a chicken here right now? Where did she come from.. what did she have in her mouth? ughhh I have a.d.d. what was I telling you? hmmmmm geez.. I had something really great.. OHHHH YYYYYeaaahhhhh... it was the mailbox..

2 rebate checks 1 for $1.99 from Pert peelie and one for $2.49 from Dawn! Yippee.

I also got 2 samples today. gas-x strips with coupons and Nivea Mens face cream with a coupon as well.

So take the $4.48 from the rebates and I MADE $3.30 today.. I guess in the long run I'd be counting those rebates twice then.. but hey.. either way.. the day didn't turn out to be a total loss.. now to hunt down some neighbors that didn't throw away or use their coupons.


jskell911 said...

Quick question, will we be able to do the MIR for the school supplies with just the 2 Pert as the receipt shows one was free?

Hippie said...

Sounds like a great day at CVS!!!!! That sucks about the spiral though!!! Id be sooo irritated!!!!

Lindsay said...

I love it!!! I just stumbled on your blog and your deals are great! And the same thing happened to me last night with my coupons- I got to Wags and realized I had left my walgreens envelope at home (well, I decided this after going through my car and running around the store thinking i'd dropped it.) Isn't that always the case? Anyway, keep up the bargains!Lindsay