Monday, August 18, 2008

Rookie Mistakes? Nervous Nelly problems? Bring 'em here.. let's share our tales of shopping horrors!

Two things happened today #1 I didn't get my Sunday paper, but did get coupons from my neighbor which for some reason didn't include any of the coupons I had read about on line.. must be because he gets a local paper.. never went and got another paper either.. I hope someone kept theirs for me. #2 I found very few deals I actually want to even look at this week.

Just to pass the time I was thinking about people telling their stories. Over at Coupon Cravings it was asked "what was your Freak out Moment" umm yeah for me.. I have several a day.. I'm just a freak like that what can I say. I'm a newbie and I'm making mistakes left and right.. I'm learning from them but in the end I'm still getting great deals on products I would have not even wanted to think about buying due to their price. I'm getting what I used to think of as "luxary items" for very cheap, free, or being paid to buy them.

Anyway.. as usual I'm rambling.. other than "freak out moments" what were your "rookie mistakes", nevervous nelly trip ups, or even "verteran follies"? What hounding mishaps have you learned from? which do you make over and over again? which will you never forget? how have you learned to not make that error again?

I'm hoping by talking about this, hearing other peoples stories that we can all learn from one another and possibly help any newbies that decide to jump into the "game"... ahh it's sooooo addictive.. run while you can newbies.. run far far away! lol!

ready set go! lol!


Dr. Mom said...
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Dr. Mom said...

My biggest mistake lately is going back to a CVS that is nearest to my home that I KNOW hates coupons. I even used the same cashier thinking that my coupons and scenario were untouchable. Oh, he figured out a way that it was not acceptable...will I never learn? I must stay away from that one. Still, you are right about trying new items that I never would have purchased before because they were too expensive. Really nice!

Kimberly said...

I just started going to CVS and using coupons June 19th, so Im a newbie too. I did get nervous the first few times, but I don't get too nervous anymore. I won't do the deals that seem a little shady (like I saw some people posting that the Quattro for Women coupon will work on the Men's Quattro deal this week at CVS) so that knocks my nervousness down! lol I have had rough times couponing though!! In mid July, I went to Walmart and had a bazillion coupons and went through self checkout... I had 14 of the $3 off 2 Head and Shoulders and I had 28 of the trial sizes in my cart. Then I had B1G1 Suave body wash coupons and save $0.50 off Suave, and B1G1 Always products, plus some other random coupons... And the self checkout kept rejecting them and then it kept saying csm override needed. I felt like a loser!!! Thankfully they were really nice about everything and my kids were *mostly well behaved while it was all straightened out. Now I don't use more than 10 or so coupons on a trip! lol

Kimberly said...

Oh I forgot to say that in the end, I paid only $20 for what was originally $103 :)

Angie said...

I have been couponing since May. I found out that one of our local stores double coupons every day up to .51. They had sausage on sale for $1.09 and I had some $1 coupons. They were also having a good deal on paper towels and dish soap which would make the soap .18 and the paper towels .28. When I went to check out, I handed the lady my coupons and she started scanning them. Mid way through she asked if I was using a EBT card. I said no and she very loudly announced how hard it was to do coupons and double coupons if you use a EBT card. She went on and on about it and everyone in the front of the store was looking at me. You could tell they were looking at me wondering why I was using a EBT card when I was in business work wear. My first big coupon trip and I was so embarassed. In the end I guess it was ok. I had 10 packages of sausage. 4 dish soaps and I don't remember how many paper towels and I ended up spending $4. After this transaction, I have been hooked.

How do you organize your coupons? At first I only had a few but now I have them everywhere and I just don't know what would be the best solution. I don't have hours and hours a weeks to organize them.

Hippie said...


I use a zippered "trapper keeper" type book with baseball card holders inside. It took a good 2 hours to get all my coupons in there and organized, but now on Sundays, it only takes 15 minutes to clip and put away!! :) And it's a breeze to find the coupons in the store, I can just flip through the pages (organized by category) to find what I want! :)