Thursday, August 7, 2008

this GAME is sooo frusterating!

OKay.. so this was my idea for the day. I had TWO $5 RR from the WAGS KELLOGGS DEAL from Sunday. So I figured this.

1st transaction
8 speed stick deoderants 4 womens 4 mens $1.99 each
use 5 coupons 2 $1/1 3 $1/2
use 2 $5 RR
pay $2.15 (roughly)(giftcard)
get $10 RR from Speedsticks

2nd transaction
2 biofusion products $5.99 each
use $10 RR from Speedsticks
pay $3.xx OOP (gift card)

Earn $11.98 toward Easy Saver.

and that is basically what I did HOWEVER.. of course my coupons wouldn't work, the cashier told me I COULD NOT use two RR together in one transaction.. even though it does not state it anywhere and I haven't heard not one person say that ever on here.. ughh

So of course I walk up and there is not one person in the store.. just me and employees, nobody at the register and little old lady Judy starts my order and as soon as she sees the RR's "ooh I can't take both of these the last time I tried this it messed me up" so she tries *shaking her head the whole time* then she calls half the other employees asking them telling them what the register says (she can't just ask one of them to come up) I've tried that/this/whatever. Now there is 5 people in line and she has tried the first $5 RR like 27 times and it beeps and says something like it was more coupons than products which is totally wrong.. okay whatever.

So finally mr manager comes up front as she whispers "ohhh he's in a terrible mood" great as I turn and roll my eyes. Finally she calls for Mary to open a 2nd register and sends a majority of the line back to her. mr manager voids my entire transaction, rerings, throws my $5 RR through FIRST, then my coupons and my total is $7.15 they refuse to take my 2nd $5 RR he said they aren't allowed to.. okay whatever.

So then the 2nd transaction I messed up by grabbing one of those Jane make-ups IN THE WRONG SIZE, so it rings up $6.99 even though what I grabbed had a tag that said $4.99. She checks the size (of course with everybody sighing and coughing behind me) and says "oh you have the 1.4 oz not the .xx oz" or whatever. ok.... great.. so it's right there next to the register to I grab the correct one as she is taking off the other one and she rings up my total $8.29, I put $5.64 the remaining balance of my gift card and paid $2.65 on my debit card which I had more than $2 cash but I was so nervous with everybody mad behind me I just threw it on my debit card.

After that I strolled over to Dollar General to see what coupons I could steal or which ones of mine I could use NOTHING! great huh? So I went next door to Butera (the store I had a big problem with over the 75 cent Krakus coupons) and got a few things. they had $1.99 milk (with a $20 transaction) so I got two packages of Scott towels for $4.99 each and used my $1 coupons and then some fruits/veggies, kraft cheese for free with 3 kraft products (kool aid), and sour cream. I had never had this cashier before but woahh what a nastyyyy girl.. at first I thought maybe someone had seen me in the store and told her to be careful with my coupons (because she asked me about each of them including the Butera milk coupon) but then I heard her talking to the lady behind me and this girl was just a nasty arrogant miserable person. Nice huh?

Got some great samples yesterday/today. Eukenuba Naturally Wild dog food which both my cat and dog love!! That came with a $5 off any size dog food coupon. Gillette shampoo with $1 coupon, Carress body wash with $1 coupon, and another Stayfree sample with $1 coupon.

Okay so in the end I still have my $5 RR and am out $10 OOP which makes me mad.. but whatever. I think from now on I'll go to the cosmetics or camera register myself to avoid the whole situation! lol!


Sheri said...

You got the blog award!!!!

Great site keep up the good work.


Angie said...

I tried to use 2 RR at our walgreens and the store manager had to void my order and start over. He said to give the rewards coupon first and then the manfg coupon next. Just have to make sure your totals before tax is over the $10. After the first $5 off and all my manfg and walgreens coupons my subtotal was $4.44 so the second one couldn't be used. Had I not been so nervous from holding the line up for so long I would have thought to get a pack of gum or something but instead I just used my debit card and got out of there.

Helene said...

I saw your comment post at Centsible Sawyer. I'm in the north suburbs and used my 2 RR's this morning to get the backpack deal and two Glade flameless candles (with 2 $3 off for those). I didn't have any trouble using two RR's at all and gave those to the cashier with my coupons. However at CVS Friday night they made me crazy with their rudeness over trying the bogo coupons on a bogo which I had done there two days before with no problem. Nasty beyond belief.
Just wanted you to know you are not alone with this craziness in the Chicago area :-)Walgreens, CVS, Jewel and Walmart have all made it difficult.