Monday, August 25, 2008

not the healthiest but a yummy cheap dinner!

Okay so today I was trying to think of ways to use a bunch of bbq chicken I got from a neighbor. They had a huge 40th birthday bash for the both of them over the weekend and instead of cooking they decided to make a bunch of side dishes and then hire a local bbq restaurant to come, bring this gigantic bbq grill and cook for them. They came and made burgers, brats, hot dogs, bbq chicken and some really great ribs. At the end of the night she had so much left that as you left you got a 2 gallon size ziplock bag full of food! I got chicken. I don't eat much dark meat so I've been picking at the white meat pieces (I did have one thigh yesterday) but then tonight I wanted to make something with the chicken. Soo... I took 3 breasts and pulled the meat off the bones (threw away the skin) then mixed it with some frozen green/red chopped peppers I got a Butera a few weeks ago for 49 cents(I got 4 in a clearanced package, they were about to go bad which is why I diced/froze them immediately), then mixed in a half bag of tator tots (1.4x bag), an envelope of onion soup (50 cents), and some cream of celery soup ($1?).

chicken FREE
peppers 25 cents
tator tots 75 cents
onion soup 50 cents
cream of celery soup $1
milk ($1.99/gallon so maybe 4oz?) 10 cents

my entire meal that will make at least 4 helpings cost $2.60 or 65 cents each helping! nice!


Hippie said...

Awesome job!!!!! It sounds really yummy too!!!!! I need to get meals that cheap!! Haha! I feel my husband, my parents, our 4 kids, and myself... I like to keep each dinner under $10... I would LOVE to be able to get that done cheaper... I think I need to buy half a cow at income tax time to save a ton of money!!! :)