Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've been a total mess...

So I just don't have the energy to hound for some reason.. not sure why.. maybe the frusteration, the time.. I dunno.. all I've been doing is reading everybodies blogs, printing coupons, reading sales ads.. it's not any different.. I just don't want to go out because none of my deals have been working out in the end.

For example, yesterday morning I found out that the AXE deal worked with trial size! woot! So I seriously RUN to WAGS like 5 minutes later, my coupon box barely made it in the car with me, yelling after my son/nephews that I'd be "right back". I get there and the deal doesn't stick because they have no trail size AXE anything (I swear those buggers pull them from the shelves when they realize people are getting better deals than they intended for us to get.. we always out smart them don't we?) so I decide to try those little sprays that are $1.99.. no dice.. so I return them.. total frusteration. I did do the band aid deal and of course the coupon from the little coloring book for band-aids $1/1 only gave me $1 off one product and I was too frusterated about the AXE deal not working to fight about the other $1.. so I decided to hit a 2nd WAGS by taking the long way home..

I get there, they too have no trial size anything, nothing left out of the clearance AXES... so I have been saying over and over that every Christmas I buy this stuff anyway for my son/nephews as stocking stuffers.. this is just the beginning.. and at $4 each for the full size it's not actually a bad price.. and I'll get movie tickets to boot.. okay fine.. so I took my $3 RR from the Band Aid deal and got a few school supplies I had missed for my son and got my movie tickets and bit the $16 OOP at the end.

So fast forward.. it's around 4pm and I stumble across those FACEBOOK CHECK IT OUT coupons.. I have Facebook but never use it. So I decide to CHECK IT OUT and these coupons are fantastic and you can print as many as you want.. having low toner and hating to waste paper I decide to only print 2 of each. Well I print them all out and THEN realize that none of the scanning bar codes are printing.. instead two little boxes with x's in them! ughh.. I'm also thinking these are too good to be true so I wanted to wait until I found out if people were using them, if they worked, if they were/weren't fraud etc.

So I find out indeed they are working but now they are pulled from the website. I still had all the links to each coupon so I decide to go back and try to print the ones I had wanted originally again and they print out perfectly.. it's 10pm... OFF TO WALLY WORLD. I get there and sure enough each isle I go down for a specific product it's blaringly obvious I'm not the only one to get these coupons. Most of these products are cleaned out or very low stock and everything around it.. still fully stocked and faced. nice huh? Kewl.. so I get to the check out and everything works out fine, the checker is scanning all the coupons and made a comment like "these coupons are great, where did you get them?" so I tell her and she gets done with my transaction, my total OOP is $12 and she says "I have to get my CSM to okay/override this" okay.. whatever.

Little miss CSM comes over (really young nice girl) she looks at everything, checks to make sure the coupons are for the correct products, sizes, etc. and actually comments that the overages "happen a lot here because our prices are so much better".. the cashier keeps pushing and finally she says "I'll take the coupons to accounting to make sure" and she walks away.. a minute later she comes back and says "we can't take them because we've never seen codes like this" what?? I was totally confused.. I still have no idea what she meant by that.. I'm new at this so fill me in here if you know what she meant by that.

So I decided on the way home to stop at Jewel and at least try to get the two pizza's I had coupons for. I went to self check out and they worked fine.. okay.. so today I decide to go back to Jewel to try to use more.. of course every shelf is empty of these products! insane huh? I did wind up getting the gronola bars and trying to get the shaving cream but I grabbed the wrong size bottles! duh! so I still have the Lean Cuisines, chapstick, shaving cream, cheeze-it's, razors, cheese, and gum to try to get.. good luck to me..


Dr. Mom said...

Sounds like you had a rough day. I don't blame you on taking a break! It is rare for me as well to find all the products I want to use coupons for. It gets frustrating. I don't use my Walmart very often because it never has the deals that others describe online or the prices are way off. I now go into stores with the expectation of only getting 50 to 75% of the deals I have planned with a few not as great backup deals just in case.

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry they gave you such a hard time! That's terrible. I've never heard of such a thing. :( Hang in there!!!!

Angie said...

Your blog is so inspiring. Glad to know I am not the only one that has problems. It is usually not walmart that I have issues with. . . it is walgreens and only with one checker there. If she is the only one checking when I walk in. I just walk out. I have only been couponing for a few months so have lots to learn. I know when I do hit a sweet deal. It feels great so hang in there.

Customer Service said...

Dear Check It Out User,
Thank for your support and enthusiasm, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our guiding principle is to help you stretch your household budget as far as possible, particularly in these challenging economic times. Please continue to help us with this goal as we address the current unfortunate situation. As many of you may have heard, our system was breeched resulting in the illegal spreading of fraudulent copies of our coupons via email or PDF. We are extremely saddened by this occurrence and understand the frustration that many of you feel, as we have families and children of our own.
That said, it has been several days since the print limits of our offers were reached. Unfortunately copies of the coupons are still being illegally circulated on the Internet, making it impossible to determine which are legitimate and which are not. Each of our coupons clearly states that "offer void if altered or copied".
Our teams are working diligently to resolve all issues so we can continue bringing you quality offers.
It is an unfortunate but sad reality; however, in order to protect our retailers and all of you responsible coupon users, all coupons will now be considered invalid copies. We are working with all industry players and word is going out to the retailers to not accept them.
The abuse by the few has lead to this decision which sadly affects the many. Despite this setback, the overall result of our initial launch has been overwhelmingly successful. We are currently working with manufacturers and sponsors to bring you a wider range of offers based largely on the products that you told us you wanted to see.