Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All is right as the rain..

rain rain and more rain.. that's all we get.. lots of rain, thunder, lightening, our house shaking at all hours of the day/night... hail too.. I guess we needed it but yikes.. it's fierce here in the Chicago burbs the last few days.. and now the humidity.. not fun.

Okay.. so I went to Walgreens this morning to get my Kelloggs deal on.. oh yeahh.. got everything as planned.. 4/$10 cereal (2 special k and 2 raisin bran) and then 4 boxes of pop tarts and 2 boxes of rice crispy treats.. all $2 each. It printed both $5 RR!! Yes! I had read other people did not get it. I wonder if you make sure to do $10 of each type snacks vs ceral you can get them? All I know is that I got it and probably will do it again even though only one will count for the rebate.

I decided to do a 2nd transaction for what I thought was another rebate product. the Nivea lip balm. So I found it, bought it, and also 2 carmex's. They were B1G1 and we use a ton of that stuff in the winter so I normally try to buy a ton of it.

So I used my gift card for both so already it was free for everything, plus $10 in RR, plus a rebate for $10 from Kelloggs and $2.49 for the lip balm.

I get home and realize you have to buy thier lotion, then send in for a free coupon for the lip balm! I totally did not read the rebate form right at all! Oh well.. I can return it I supposse.. I don't really need it..

I have to walk my dog, get my Kelloggs rebate together, and maybe shoot up to Wal-Mart and then I'll post a pic and hopefully blog about the deals I get at Wal-Mart.