Sunday, August 10, 2008

attempting to put the $4/$20 to good use!

Well I attempted and TOTALLY failed on using the $4/$20 coupon for 4 of my 5 transactions.. I had to break everything down and rework every deal.. things turned out good in the end.. so oh well. I went to a different store today. One that is a bit farther from my house but I wanted to check it out. I stopped and talked to one of the managers and commented on how quiet it is in that store and how nicely everything is stocked/organized. We got to talking and it turns out that they are opening a CVS really close to my house!! woot! He said it's set to open in September. I'm not sure how that is possible because on that location there is nothing but dirt right now! lol!


2 m&m dark choc 14oz $2 each
One Touch $19.99

$4/$20 CVS coupon
$19.99 1 Touch Coupon

Total OOP 45 cents

Second Transaction
1 cvs feminine wash $3.29
One Touch $19.99

The register wouldn't let another $4/$20 coupon go through. I printed it from my email, didn't copy it.. but at my regular CVS they just keep putting them through.. this one they wouldn't. soo..

$2/$10 cvs coupon
$19.99 coupon

Total OOP$1.86 which is actually good because if I had used the $4/$20 that would have not worked anyway. I could have grabbed something quick for 99 cents but oh well. **uggh and I just realized she never scanned my $2 CVS skincare coupon for this!! ughh oh well.

Third Transaction (can you read this? I hope so)
2 advil childrens $5.79
1 CVS feminine wash 15oz $4.79

2 $1/1 Advil coupons
$2/$10 CVS coupon
$2 CVS skincare coupon
$10 ECB

Total OOP 59 cents and I got back an ECB for $11.58

Fourth Transaction
2 Alavert 12 cts $5.99 each (I was hoping this ECB deal would work twice like it did fot the Advil but in the end it didn't)
1 Twizzler canister $5
1 skin effects cleanser $6.99
2 J&J buddies 99 cents each

$1.98 J&J buddies coupon (down from $2, oh well still free)
$2/$10 CVS coupon
$2 Skin effects coupon
2 $4 Alavert coupons
$11.58 ECB from 3rd transaction above

Total OOP 66 cents! I got two ECBS, one for skin effects for $5 and one for the alavert for $3

Fifth Transaction
1 honey wheat pretzels 99 cents (filler)
2 lamisilk foot lotion $8.29 each

$2/$10 CVS coupon
2 $4 lamisilk coupons
$3 ECB from fourth transaction
$4 ECB I had from awhile ago

Total OOP $1.27 and got back a $10 ECB. I could have worked this into two transactions, but I was all flustered by them refusing to use my $4/$20 coupon for more than one transaction.


TOTAL OOP $4.83 (should I join that $5 challenge?)
I walked in with $20 in ECBS walked out with $21 in ECBs and if I had spent another $1 in candy I could have walked out with $25 in ECBs or spent $1.xx more OOP and had $26 ECB. I'll stop in again this week and spend $1 on candy and get that $5 in ECB! so that was my rookie mistake for the day.


Lisa said...

Looks like you are getting the "hounding" down and are doing wonderful!

I screw up the candy deal all the time. Last time I was .49 short. I caught it before I left the store though, bought a candy bar and it printed out.

Jennifer said...

You did awesome girl!!!! That's cool they are opening a CVS close to you. Aren't those One Touch meters an awsome deal. That was a godsend for me. My 8 yr old daughter is diabetic and I used 5 of those coupons to stock up on extra meters. It's a good thing I did because 2 days after I bought them her meter malfunctioned!! Keep up the good work girlfriend!!!!

SoCalCheapSkate said...

Good job, I'm going to copy your advil transaction. I like how you do your transactions in different colors!! My transactions seem so long, I'm going to use your idea so that everything doesn't blend together.

April said...

I tried to copy my enail coupon to but it also got denied :( Its that stinkin Barcode the old ones just had a number code that you could use over and over again. Ahh the good ol days!!!

Hippie said...

That stinks they wouldn't take the 4/$20! Good thing we have a $2/10 though!!!I stole your idea on making each transaction a different color...hope you don't mind!! I think it looks great! :) I was a shopoholic today!!! lol

Kimberly said...

Yes I have two cards. I feel guilty though lol I think I am going to spend hubby's ECBs and then chuck his card!!

Cassie said...

yay i can comment now :D

Jennifer said...

I only have one card, but I scan it until it says "no coupons available". Usually on Monday morning is when I get different coupons and it gives me more than usual. But most of the time it only lets me scan it once. Oh, I noticed you live in Illinois. I live near Springfield. Where do you live if you don't mind me asking?