Monday, August 25, 2008

checking out at WAGS cosmetic counter = another big score!

So off I went back to that awesome WAGS again that has all the coupons at the cosmetic counter. Again the same girl was in the store. I have to admit I had to go back to that particular WAGS anyway because I had seen some Similiac Advance marked down to $9.99 for the big cans of powder. I finally got some $5 coupons today in the mail so I wanted to see if they were still there. Of course they weren't.. but one of my ATM's is on the way (I had another rebate check come in today), plus the Jewel that is having the grand re-opening and has some more fantastic deals I wanted to get in on. Not to mention on my way home is an Aldi and I needed a few items I only get at Aldi.


whooooo hooo!! for the 2nd time I've been able to cash in on this deal. If you didn't read my past blog about the products that have this sticker I can now go to the Cosmetic counter to cash out and they have manufacturer coupons there! Last time I had a really great Biore coupon but just one and they had 3 of the same one. So I didn't have to spend my precious coupon and I got $2 off each product instead of just $2 off one! double woot!

so here is what I got today at WAGs... I hate to dissapoint but I did this all in one transaction! lol!

glade spray $3.49 one $1.50 coupon from ES book one $1.50 manufacturer coupon from this weeks paper

two sets of slippers on clearance for $1.99 I'm keeping those for Christmas gifts

3 packages of paper plate 99 cents each with wags coupon from flyer

3 edge shaving gels 7 oz $1.99 with coupon from wags flyer and 3 $1/1 coupons from the cosmetic counter

1 trident gum 99 cents with wags flyer coupon and 75 cents off manufacturer coupon from all you magazine (I think?)

2 rimmell eye shadows bogo $5.xx each? used a BOGO coupon from all you magazine

2 smuckers strawberry squeezables and 1 peter pan pb $3/$5 used $1/1 peter pan coupon from all you magazine and $1/2 smuckers manufacturer coupon from newspaper a few weeks back

used one $5 RR from last weeks dumb transaction with the cereal.. oh well. my total was $12.xx not too bad. got stuff I will use, and some stuff for christmas.

I stopped at Jewel next to pick up the deals that only this Jewel has. They are still doing their grand re-opening and each week they have some killer deals. This week was 69 cent coke/sprite product 2 liters. limit 6. So I got those along with my FREEBIE Sara Lee bread (coupons from the newspaper a few weeks back) as well as Daisy Sour Cream was 50% off which made it $1.49. Used 50 cent coupons from this week and now I have more sour cream than I know what to do with.

I also stopped at Aldi for a few items.. just eggs, fake doritios which my husband loves.. he says they are better than regular doritos.. more cheese and only 99 cents. Some olive oil and garlic bread. Nothing else there. spent $10.xx there.

Got a the "back to school" rebate this week. so I got those $5 in school supplies for free with Pert/Sure. That was cool and it came with more Pert/Sure coupons. I also got my samples of Similac with 5 $5 coupons which I will now keep with me at all times just in case I come across any more Similac on clearance! ughh. I got another Playtex sample along with another $1 coupon so that was cool.

That's it for today ladies and gents!