Sunday, August 24, 2008

You know you are a "couponer/hounder/cvs and/or wags junkie" when.....

Okay.. this should be fun.. lol! sorta like Jeff Foxworthy and "you know you're a redneck..." I saw this over at

you know you are addicted to cvs..."When you're child is throwing up all over the couch and you're wondering what you can buy along with Pedialyte so you can get the Pedialyte free and earn ECBs as well." - Becca

sorry this one just made me think... so here are a few of my own.

You know you are a coupon whore when you stand in line and have 2 coupons for each item that you are about to buy.

You know you are a coupon junkie when anyone in your family goes near your coupon box and the lojack pager goes off.

You know you are a hounding freak when you drive 10 mph over the speed limit just so you can get home, set up all your transactions on your clean table (now all your piles of junk are on the floor) just to take pictures of your goodies/steals/deals so you can blog them asap.

You know you are a hounding freak when you actually start to stock pile items you will never use in this lifetime.

You know you are a WAGS whore when you rush home just to enter your receipt code into the "easy saver" website so you "don't forget" or "lose your receipt" and miss out on your rebate from WAGs.

You know you are a couponing/hounding junkie when you know exactly what ECBS, WAGS, Q, BOGO, ES, SS, RP, P&G, OOP, or IP mean without looking them up or having to think twice about what was said/written.

**note** I do not think anyone of us are actual junkies, whores, or freaks... just a play on words.. so have fun with it and comment back on what makes you laugh at yourself about being part of the game.


amber said...

OMG! Why did it feel that you wrote about me? Love it, may I share it on my blog? It's just tooo funny.

jskell911 said...

You can read mine here:

I blogged about it last month!

jskell911 said...

PS, hope you don't mind I linked on over to this on my blog!

Lindsay said...

hahahaha this is great! I do all of these, especially the running home after Wags/Rite Aid to enter receipts!

I also think you know you're a couponer/hounder/junkie when:

a) you obsess when a deal doesn't turn out the way "blogging Betty" said it would. (or because the cashier was a jerk and wouldn't take your coupons!)

b) you feel sick to your stomach when you have to pay full price (for anything.)or when you see other people pay full price!

jskell911 said...

You know you are a deal whore when your husband and child both know what ECB,BOGO,WAGS, Easy Saver, etc mean!

Hippie said...

...when you want to crawl in a hole thinking about all the things you paid FULL price for before learning how to coupon!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know you mentioned that you didn't mean it when you used the terms whore, etc. I say this gently, honestly - I try so hard to go through life without judging others, so please hear this with the gentleness with which I say it. To some of us, those words are jarring and discomforting. I know that the world in general loves to throw around swear words and it's become this country's third language. It is actually much more difficult to find exclamations and words that add excitement or enthusiasm to a sentence if the commitment is to avoid swearing and offensive language. You have so much to offer in your blog and I have been enjoying it very much. I know the choice is mine to go elsewhere anytime, but I would hate to avoid your blog because of language that can be disturbing when you have so much great information and encouragement to offer. Could you consider not using those terms?

Thanks so much for a fun blog.

Blessings to you,


Shynea said...

This post is hilarious. I have to admit that I have committed a few of the "deal whore" scenarios you posted about. I also have one to add:

You know you are a deal whore when your family members come to your house for toothpaste/soap/shampoo instead of going to the store.

^ That has happened to me quite a few times. :)

Take care!