Friday, August 22, 2008

now *I KNOW* what "shop til you drop" means...

This is why I'm all hounded out... or in a rut, or exhausted from shopping.. because it takes ALL WEEK for me to figure out which deals I wanna do and then I finally go out and once I get to the store I wind up figuring out new deals and reworking and working.. and then this store is out of the one thing I really needed to make this deal work.. ahh but then another store has the product and makes up for it with a better deal (somehow) and then I over buy making sure I got every deal.. confused? I know I am too!


again I got photobombed.. the animals get all excited when I come home from shopping.. they must think I'm the best hunter ever! lol!

transaction 1

2 choc covered raisins 88 cents each

24 case water bottles $3.99
1 schick quattro $7.99

1 cvs moist wipes $2.19


$1 off 2 gold emblem candy

$2 off CVS skincare

$2 off CVS water bottles


$5 ECB

Total $3.03 with tax got back a $5 ECB from the Schick razor

2nd transaction

2 gold emblem candy 88 cents each (hey these rung up as $1.50 each)
4 glade air spray 88 cents each
2 gas-x thin strips clearance for $2.85 each
1 CVS feminine wash $3.29
1 CVS sport lip balm $1.99

$5 CVS coupon for gas-x (printed with receipt)
2 BOGO glade coupons
2 $1 gas-x manufacturer coupons
$1 CVS suncare from scanner
$1/2 Gold Emblem candy from scanner
$2 CVS skincare
$2 not sure what this is from but it balances the candy being rung up wrong and now I see only 3 $1 coupons rung up.. hmm. oh well
Total $1.89 OOP no ECB's used, none given

***just a little note**** just wanted to post my CVS totals from when I started hounding to now. Not even sure of the date! I guess I could look up my first transaction. It was sometime in June. But as of 8/11 (what my receipt is saying from today) my YTD savings is $584.26 and my SUMMER 2008 spending is $86.58. I guess that's not bad. wonder where other people are at?


Okay, don't ask me who was pulling this deal together because really.. I walked in there with my $5/$20 coupon not having a clue other than I needed some school supplies and that flex folder thing. Other than that.. it was a total blurr. things got messed up at the register so I had to get the CSM to fix it for me so I'll just list each item.

Kelloggs Cereal 3/$10 used one $1/2 and received 5 RR
5 Star Flex Binder #42 in Easy Saver Catalog so I'll get $5 back $7.99
2 Mead 5 class notebooks BOGO 50% off $7.99 each but they had them in the wrong spot so I thought they were $4.49 each so I showed the CSM and refunded me $6.47 and I got to keep the nice big notebooks.
3 sharpies 39 cents each
3 papermate 10 pack of pens 39 cents each
Quattro razor $2 easy saver coupon and $4 manufacturer coupon

$5/$20 and a $4 RR from earlier this week. OOP $20.xx (plus of course I got the $5 RR and a $5 easy saver so I see it as spending $10 OOP)


Okay.. another strange trip. I thought I better ask first if I needed to buy 4 boxes of the 100 cal packs. They were BOGO so before their sale 4 packs was over $12 and in order to get $10 off the Fruit of the Loom deal (socks) I had to spend $10 in Nabisco products. I wasn't sure if that was before or after the sale prices. So I asked.. of course CS had no idea but said "go get all your products and come back and we'll figure it out". Okay.. of course I get everything, get to the register and the CS guy was at lunch by then. So another CS person came up and finally I said "let's just ring it up and see what happens" and of course I had to buy 8 to get the deal. Oh well.. so here is my break down. again.. I'll just list product/deal instead of coupons at the bottom. still with me??

3 4pks of joint juice $1.63 each $1/1 coupons on each

(why do some fonts skip two lines and other just go down to the next line?)

9 Powerades 69 cents each 3 $1/3 coupons

1 meow mix 75 cents FREEBIE

4 cat litter sale for $1.61 4 $1 coupons

4/$5 pop tarts used 1 $1/2 coupons PLUS 2 Nutrigrain bars $1.80 each (5/$9 sale) used 1 $1/2 coupon PLUS 2 eggo waffles $1.15 each used 1 $1/2 coupon to get backpack $11.99 on sale $10 off equals $1.99 total

8 nabisco 100 cal pack (bogo) total $12.78 to get $10 off Fruit of the Loom products. Socks $3.99 got all three for $1.97 plus used $1/2 coupon.

Total OOP $31.98.. did I miss anything? so for the day I spent $57 give or take! not bad for all that loot.. now to eat.. geez I gotta stop with the breakfast stuff! lol!


cheapsk8mom said...

you're funny!!!

i love meijer.

Chris from St. Mary's said...
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Chris from St. Mary's said...
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small town city girl said...

Great job! Don't worry, hubby will eventually see the results of your hard work and begin to appreciate it. :)

The Poor Artist said...

Hehehe...I love the first picture - pups is all, "hellooo? Mom? What are you DOING?"