Tuesday, August 19, 2008

is it fall already?

Well they haven't even put the kids school supplies away yet, but WAGS already had out all the fall candles and decorations.. yikes! no wonder the months just fly by because next month we'll be looking at Christmas stuff already. I'm scared! lol!

Well I had this plan in my head to go to WAGS, Jewel, Woodmans, Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, and Butera today.. but really I didn't need much and didn't want to go to too many stores because I figured I'd spend too much. after all was said and done I think I spent around $60 in groceries and odd and ends but I only went to WAGS, Jewel, Woodmans and Aldi. I didn't take pics of really anything because some of the groceries were frozen/cold so I needed to get them into the freezer/fridge asap. It was only 84 today but it was super muggy/humid. I did bring a cooler with me, but that also makes it easier to just drag that into the house and get everything put away faster.. so I'll just highlight the deals I got today.

I added a new label today, it's called THINGS TO WATCH FOR because there was 2 things that popped up for me today that could make some already sweet deals even better. I do have pics for those and will add those within the blog!

Transaction 1
3 Biore Foaming Cleansers on sale for $5.24 each
1 Preperation H travel wipes $3.99

Now here is the good stuff.. Money saving mom had a little segment today telling how to get an overage on those Preperation H wipes. They are $3.99, then you use an Easy Saver $2 off coupon PLUS a coupon from the manufactures website for $3! $1.01 overage! woot.. and it worked.

I had a $2 manufacturer coupon from a sample I got in the mail last week for Biore which I intended to use.. but.. here is "things to watch for"

so I'm looking for my deals and I come across this sticker on the Biore. Not knowing what this meant for sure I decide to ask once I got all the items I was planning on getting. Apparantly my WAGS (not sure if all do this) keep manufacturer coupons behind the cosmetic counter and if you go to the counter pay for your transactions they'll use THEIR coupons towards your purchase! Sweet.. so I only had one $2 coupon.. well she had all 3 so I didn't have to use mine at all!!

So my total was $8.71 and I got back a $9 RR!!! woot for me.

Transaction 2

2 Bertolli dinners $5.99 each

I used 2 $1.25 coupons plus my $9 RR from first transaction. Total 69 cents! woot! And even better I got a $5 RR for my next transaction.

Transaction 3

4 Ragu Sauces 3/$5 or 1.66/1.67 each

2 Skippy PB 3/$5 or 1.66/1.67 each

1 starbucks truffles $1.50 (she gave me a $1.50 coupon)

used 3 $1/2 coupons plus my $5 RR from second transaction, my total was $2.20 and I got back a $4 RR for my next purchase! Now the starbucks candies are a weird thing.. I've gotten those candies for free at other WAGS like when I did the Clean and Clear deal I got 2 packages of them.. They keep the coupons behind the counter along with the candy.. so I'm not sure where the coupons came from but I've gotten 3 of those packages for free now. It's a little tiny box with two candies in it.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Too bad I hadn't done more of the Kelloggs deals then I would have had a $5 RR to start the whole thing rolling. Oh well.. we have so much cereal my DH would have been mad.. he thinks stockpiling means he has to each everything as fast as possible.

At Jewel I got the 4/$5 pop tarts again.. used 2 $1/2 coupons and the milk deal that was $2.28 per gallon. Milk was $1.99 a gallon at Butera over the weekend but you have to spend $20 and there just isn't normally any great deals there so I didn't want to walk around the store aimlessly looking for things to just buy to get up to $20. I'll spend the extra 29 cents and just get it at Jewel since they were having such a great deal anyway.

I stopped at Woodmans next and stocked up on things that I can only find there or only find there for a great price. Of course I only had a few coupons so in the end I wound up spending $46 BUT I normally went there to stock up and would spend $170-$200 so I didn't do too bad in the grand sheme of things.. anyway.. so here I come to my second "THINGS TO WATCH FOR" item. I didn't take an actual pic of the product because I didn't buy it, but if you are still holding on to your FREE coupons for Purina Mighty Dog Classic wet dog food or Purina Friskies Selects indoor wet cat food

then watch for these at your local grocery stores. It was a stand obviously made/sent by the manufacturer. At my grocery store WOODMANS they had them standing side by side at an end cap near all the pet products. It was a box that had 2 cans of food in each and the sign said BOGO at the top!! so it was buy one get one free so if I had those coupons I could have gotten DOUBLE what I got at Target last week when I used these coupons! ughh! I think they were 59 cents each.. I guess I should have bought more.. oh well.

I've gotten a fair amount of samples in the mail over the past few days. Today I got a samples for Orville Redenbacher Rice Cakes with coupon and Meow Mix Wholesome goodness dry cat food with a coupon.

dove pro-age lotion sample with coupons, Biore samples with a $2/1 coupon
BzzAgent taco bell kit with 12 coupons for free fresco style tacos,$5 off coupon for those allergy eyedrops (can't remember the name).

Okay.. so that's it for today. Time to read everybody elses deals! lol!


Hippie said...

I wish we had a Walgreens!! We dont have any of the stores you talk about except CVS and Walmart. lol

Jennifer said...

I've been doing good...how bout you? I haven't done any shopping this week because I really don't think the deals are that great at CVS and I don't have great coupons to put together any good deals. I might try to do something tomorrow, but we'll see. I am going to go to Meijer & County Market though for a few groceries.

Tosha said...

my husband also thinks stockpiling means you have to eat everything super fast because it is there! lol. great deals by the way