Saturday, August 30, 2008

making meals out of our great buys

I've seen a few websites over the past few days that are taking our great buys and making awesome meals out of them. I haven't really come up with any cleaver ideas except maybe the onion soup packets I've been adding to my casseroles for dinners. Also this morning I took two eggo waffles (strawberry) toasted them and put chocolate Edy's ice cream between the top and bottom. Yummy breakfast ice cream sandwich. To keep the ice cream at the same thickness througout the sandwich I used a melon baller scoop to make little scoops of ice cream and placed 4 little ice cream balls on one waffle and just topped it with the second. you get the idea. Anyway.. even my bff's mom who was a super health nut actually let us have those for sleepover breakfasts.

Here are links to other blogs that have some awesome ideas.. they even have pictures!!

kraft cheese


free bread and/or cheap sausage

bagged salad

and this great blog actually hosts "from the freezer Thursdays" were she asks other bloggers to post their receipes they have made from their stockpiles. check some of them out! Frugal Homemaker Plus

not just meals, but emergency kits.. take a look at the lists of supplies we should have on hand. Most of these items are items that are on sale at CVS/Walgreens all the time and normally we can get them for pennies on the dollar!!
Disaster supplies

anyway.. I figured this was sorta fun to talk about considering I'm finally starting to see my stockpile grow here and there. My freezer is currently full and I actually took every item out this week and made large post it lists. I have one list of just meat, one of fruits/veggies, and another of misc items. I figured it would help me remember what is in there so certain items get used and not forgotten and also will help me find the items faster. I moved all the meat to the top shelf and everything else underneath and in the door. Finally, some organization in my life!

So can you add any links to recipes you've made or ideas you've come up with for fabulous deals you've gotten and figured out what to do with them all before they expire? Let me know!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the links. They will be helpful.

I didnt have the free bread coupon in my paper. I did have a coupon buddy who sent me three, but with a samwich eating sister in from louisiana and packing lunches for hubby and son, I'm on my last loaf of the free bread. :(