Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have no clue what just happened

Really I don't.. okay.. I'm going to run through a list of all the places I went today and all the goodies I got..
First stop WAL-MART's redbox!!
I used today's code and rented a movie for free! Most Monday's I use both my debit card and my credit card and rent two but there wasn't a 2nd one I wanted today.

Okay second stop WAL-MART! LOL!
3 Preperation H travel wipes 10 count $2.94 free for me with $3 coupons

1 weber seasoning pack 62 cent used 50 cent coupon

Ruffles chips $2 no coupon (GASP)

2 6 box packages of raisins $1.33 each used $1/2 coupon

2 First Aid Kits 99 cents each free for me with $1 coupons

12 Powerades (only 10 shown here) 60 cents each $1/3 or 27 cents each

1 snyders 1lb bag of pretzels $2.08 used 75 cent coupon

3 Vlasic Pickles $1.99 used 3 $1 coupons

2 V8 Splash juices $1.98 each used $1/2 coupon

2 Sauve mens body wash $1.78 each used BOGO coupon which gave me $2 off, the cashier had no idea why but neither of us questioned it!

2 cans spaghetti-o's 88 cents each used .40/2 coupon

2 mac and cheese Italian 75 cents each used $1/2

my total came to $19.01 with tax.

Next stop ULTA

I had an appointment to get a consultation for the free 10 day natural minerals plus the free make-up brush. So I went in and did that first. Then I decided since I had the 20% off coupon from the flyer this week I would look around for something to buy.. I found a HUGE clearance section and starting thinking CHRISTMAS immediately. Here is what I got.

sorry the picture is so dark.. I'm not sure why it turned out that way and my husband keeps chaning the way that our computer sets up our pictures and of course I have no clue how to fix anything now! ughh I barely was able to flip the picture vertical! lol!

1 foot massager marked as $9.99 on the final sticker rung up as $4.99 used 20% off got $1 off

BOGO Vive Pro shampoo/conditioner free for me by using a BOGO coupon

My total was $4.30 with tax, then she offered me a free subscription to In Style magazine that came with a free gift and $5/$10 purchase. So she gave me a selection of a few things I could have for free and I chose that little white make up case which I thought would be nice for my sister when she travels. CHRISTMAS GIFT! The $5/$10 coupon I'll go back and use to get more of those foot massager things. My sister and mom are both nurses! They'll love them!


Finally I get to CVS! lol! FIRST TRANSACTION!

3 100% Granier hair color $5 each used $3 coupons and recieved back $5 ECB

1 feminine wash $4.79 used $2 skincare coupon

2 Schick shavers 99 cents each used $2 coupon

2 choc covered peanuts used $1/2 peanut coupon from printer

Also used my $4/$20 coupon and a $5 ECB

The ECB wouldn't work because without tax I was at $4.70 so I grabbed another choc covered raisins and my total OOP was $1.68.


2 stayfree products 2/$9 used a $1 off coupon and a BOGO coupon got a $5 ECB back

1 Playtex Sport tampons $4.99 used a $1 off coupon got back a $3 ECB

1 CVS feminine wash $4.79 used a $2 CVS skincare coupon

2 schick razors 99 cents each used $2 coupon

1 caress body wash $1.49 used 70 cent coupon

2 malt-o-meal cereals FREE FOR ME because I used 2 $1/1 coupons

tried to use another $4/$20 and it refused to take it. I talked to the cashier last week about that and she said it's possible to use those twice. So this week I printed out 2 and she couldn't take it! ughh I'm confused. So I gave her a $2/$10 and a $5 ECB and my total OOP was $5.13 so not my proudest trip. win some/lose some.

****note for myself**** my CVS receipts show as of 8/22 that my YTD savings is $624.46 and my SUMMER 2008 spending is $91.50!! Yeah!!

I also forgot to mention I stopped for lunch at Taco Bell and through BuzzAgent I had free coupons for free Fresco Ranchero chicken soft taco's (my favorite) so I ordered two, drank from my bottle of water I brought with me and had a freebie lunch! yeah!!

want to see other CVS deals?? head on over to
centsible sawyer to check it out


Precious said...


The i733 is the right camera! Take a look in the ESR book at the page with # 51 on it- the i733 is pictured and see my blog for my latest post!

Lindsay said...

Great shopping!!!! Wish we had an Ulta!

Jennifer said...

Hey's it going? Not too bad here. I have been so crazy busy this week that I haven't even finished organizing my coupons from this past Sunday paper!!!! Between my son's baseball schedule & working extra hours, my days are shot. We are going camping this weekend & I am stressing about getting everything ready to go. The great thing is that so far I don't think I need to go buy anything except for beer & soda!! I have everything stockpiled from my stash!!! It's GREAT!

April said...

great savings!

Lisa said...

Great job hounding those deals!

I need to get my cvs run posted. lol I did pretty good there this week. I think the other power shopper must have been sick cause they werent out of stuff like they usually are.