Tuesday, August 26, 2008

nothing ever goes as planned

I had planned my afternoon out very strategically.. I would first stop at my friend Amy's to drop off some Similiac and some chicken, then at my sisters to drop off her birthday shoes (I ordered them and they came in yesterday, her birthday was Saturday), then off to Ulta to get the free make up brush and bare minerals foundation, then to CVS, and finally to Wal-Mart. I left my house at 1pm thinking I had the whole afternoon to get all this accomplished.. umm yeah..

I get to Amy's and of course start playing with her 2 yo Nathan (aka Nathaniel, aka Nader, aka Terminader) and then her 1 month old woke up and of course I had to play with her.. yeah it was 3:15 before I left there.. yeah.. ok.. so I head to my sisters thinking nobody would be home.. ohhhh no my sister and both my nephews are home.. so I sit and talk to them.. then off to Ulta where they told me I had to make an appointment to get the freebies.. ughh so that's set for tomorrow.. then by then it was 4pm and my husband was going to be home so I started driving home.. of course by the time I passed the road that lead to either CVS or Wally World my husband tells me he isn't hungry and won't even be home for awhile.. so I stop at Jewel on my way home.

I had found a few Jewel deals earlier this week I wanted to grab and also had gone on HCW this morning and heard about a few other deals I wanted to grab. So on the way home the only thing left without turning around and getting myself into a major traffic jam was Jewel.

okay so here is what I got...
4 packages of Smart Taste pasta $1 each free for me with $1 coupons
3 packages of Party Mix Friskies cat treats $2 each or free for me with FREE coupons
6 GUM toothbrushes 25 cents each $1 each used 6 75 cent off coupons
6 GUM kids flossers 45 cent each $1 each used 6 55 cent off coupons

my total OOP was $5.16 I believe and I got another survey that gives me a free loaf of italian bread! I've got 3 so far and I'm saving them for the next time I need them for a party!


Hippie said...

Man, I wish we had the kind of stores you have here in PA!! Our stores have the worst sales except for CVS!!!!

Lindsay said...

How do I fit in my deals? I never see my husband! ;) j/k. I usually do a big round on the weekends - hit the grocery stores, a cvs or two and walgreens- and during the week i usually hit walmart (once) and cvs (as many time as needed) or wags (once or twice). It helps that I'm close enough that I could walk to CVS or Walgreens (I find my bags are too heavy! ;) So I usually make those stops on my way home from work or after dinner.

I think being prepared for your trips is crucial (wish I followed my own advice) and having extra 'just in case' coupons is the best strategy.

I don't have kids yet so I have a little more time after work than most, I suppose.