Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bad *hounding* dreams???

Okay so the last few nights it's been hot/muggy in the house but I refuse to turn the air on because it's been in the high 70's for the last 10 plus days.. of course Sunday it got up to 89 but we were gone all day and then yesterday 87 and I was home all day but I don't care.. so Sunday night I wound sleeping on our couch in our loft (family room) which was the coolest room in the house because it has the most windows. Fine no issues.. last night the loft was hot, our room was worse, I even tried my sons bedroom.. no dice.

I decided to sleep on the first floor which is usually cooler anyway, but I had to open windows/doors to get a breeze which I was leery about because there has been break ins in our area. I figured I was sleeping with my chihuahua who barks at the wind so if he heard a noise he would wake me up. Sure enough at 2am SOMETHING woke me up.. not even sure what it was.. but because I was scared I decided to shut all the windows/doors on the first floor and try to sleep upstairs.

I get up stairs and my room is an ice box.. okay.. I fall asleep with no issues. then my dog wakes me up at 7am to go out.. so I take him down stairs let him out, let him back in, feed him and his sister the cat and they fell back to sleep on the couch down stairs! lol! I woke up to my husband making himself pop tarts and his lunch for work.. and fell asleep again as soon as the door slammed behind him.

Okay.. so I've been in and out of sleep for 2 nights which usually messes me up. My sleep has to be perfect in order for me to function.. I'm a freak like that. So I start having this dream that I decide to go "shopping" (umm hounding) so I gather all my stuff (the coupon box, my purse, my little spiral I write my notes in etc) and I head out the door.. but I'm not at home I'm at my friend Carolyn's house and for some reason the only car there is what I thought was her car but it was stick! I don't drive stick. But I have to leave to go get my deals.. so I take it anyway and of course I can drive it perfectly! ha ha ha riiighht.. of course I get on this steep hill and luckily the guy behind me figured out that I couldn't drive stick so he stayed far behind me because I couldn't get up over the hill. so I finally get up over the hill and get to I think CVS.

I'm throwing things in my cart at CVS, breaking things up into "transactions" in my cart as I usually do.. then I get to the front.. as usual I'm the only person in the whole store, not one person in line.. as soon as the cashier starts ringing up my first transaction 4 people show up behind me. He gives me my total and I swipe my debit card and enter in $31.19.. wait WHAT since when have I spent over $10 OOP in my hounding days.. so he's already ringing up my 2nd order, I get the receipt from that and I realize I never handed him ANY coupons for the first two transactions! omg this is a very scary dream.. I don't know if you want to continue. So when he handed me my first receipt I had remembered seeing something about my total being $31,000.00 what was that? So now the line behind me is maybe 8 people deep, and I have this rude man behind me was making comments, rolling his eyes, shuffling his feet, sighing.. you know the normal "I'm pissed because I got behind you and you are taking forever".. so I sorta step to the side and I'm looking for my first receipt because I told the cashier there was something wrong on my first transaction.. so he says find the receipt and we'll figure it out.. so I show him that my total was entered as $31,119.00 instead of $31.19 and he chuckles and says he'll fix it..

So I'm standing there looking at some shredded cheese and some other items I had in my basket and in my bags I already paid for and I'm thinking "since when do I buy shredded cheese at CVS?" lol! So he hands me back my receipt and he gave me back $6,848.00 (don't ask my how I remember these numbers from a dream I just do) and I said "ummm hello don't you owe me more than that? you charged me 31 THOUSAND dollars for a $31 DOLLAR transaction.. $6 grand isn't enough! So he says I have to wait for the manager and I woke up! lol!

So today I'm planning on getting some hounding/shopping done. Mostly for stuff we need (shocking I know) but also to get in on some deals that will be ending Wednesday at local grocery stores. I'm exhausted just thinking about this trip. I had mean to wake up at 7am and get out the door so I could be back by noon to walk my neighbors dog.. but here it is 11am I'm still in my t-shirt/shorts (pjs) and writing this blog.. it's been a crazy morning already! lol!


Hippie said...

I hope your deals today went better than your dream!!!! LOL

amber said...

How Funny! I've had dreams like that as well. Like someone took my coupon book, OMG! I really enjoy your blog and read it all of the time. You're not the only crazy chic with coupons. We'll wave to each other at the stores, we know who we are! lol