Tuesday, August 5, 2008

*I* chickend out!! Can you believe it.. the cheapest woman on the planet backed down from a deal, or two, or 10?

Yes, I hate to admit but I just didn't have the energy today to go to a grocery store, then CVS, then Wal-Mart. All this shopping is exhausting. I purposely try to stay out of stores and today..well.. I hit WAGS this morning, Wal-Mart, and Butera later because of course Wal-Mart didn't have all the ingredients I needed.

I didn't take pics of everything I got because I had put everything away before I realized I never got a picture. Plus the meat/cold stuff had been in my sweltering trunk for 30 minutes so I just wanted to get it in the house and put away.

Soooo my deals today were.

20 Powerades 60 cents each I had 6 $1 off 3 and one $1 off $1 so I roughly paid 25 cents for each. NOT BAD

I got 4 packages of the Huggies wipes. Used two $3 off 2. They were $1.64 each.

I tried to get all the Kraft items. There was 5 in all in the All You magazine. Triscuts, Crystal Light, Cheese, hot dogs, dressing. I got all of them except the cheese they didn't have any of. The coupon said up to $4.00 so I grabbed the 2% version instead and even though the price was $3.87 it still didn't fly at the register. I felt bad for the guy so just said "take the cheese off, give my coupon back I'll come back another time when you do have the correct product in stock" but worse was that they had the 24 slices for $2.50 (I think?) so I'm wondering if I could have gotten that and walked away with no issue.. oh well. So of course I got 3boxes of 50 cent mac and cheese and 12 kool aids. Don't think we ever used any of the kool aids from the Planters deal.

what else?

2 Kotex pantyliners 99 cents each used 2 $1 off any Kotex product coupons

3 Icy Hot patches $1.64 each used 3 $1 off coupons

Oh some steaks that were marked down to $3.60 and some ground beef marked down to $1.74. Then some odds and ends I needed for dinner. Green peppers, cilantro, limes.

My total at the end was $54 and I paid after coupons $22 so I was happy.


Hippie said...

Great deals!!!! I love watching the total fall so drastically!! I went today to Walmart (and CVS) and my total was $102 but after coupons, I paid just $11!!!!! (I got two free glucose monitors, a bunch of free baby wipes and 12 cent glade plug ins, plus the free Kraft food and kool aid, and then cereal, milk and bread because we needed it!) The cashier did something wrong and my total was negative and then she had to void it all and reenter everything!!! My poor kids were very near the "point of no return..." it was getting near naptime and they hadn't even eaten lunch because my trip there to soooo long!!!

Lindsay said...

Woohoo!!! Good job! :) I didn't make it to Walmart last night- hopefully later this week! :)

Hippie said...

I had a crazy day grocery shopping... check out my "grocery shopping" entry... lol