Friday, August 29, 2008

another I have no idea what happened.. but in the end I think I'm happy

Okay let me start with what did work for me!! lol!

I had heard on another blog site that Polaroid digital camera were on clearance for $65.99 with a $40 rebate at Walgreens.. so yesterday at exactly 3:35pm I purchased one.. I got a coupon in my email box at exactly 3:42 pm for a $10/$40 coupon! ughh.. so I called Wags and they said come back and they would return it and resell it to me which is what I did.. so after a $10 coupon, $44 back in rebate ($40 plus 10%) and tax this camera cost me $16.33!

not too bad considering my old camera is really old and takes forever to take a picture.. but now I'm liking my old camera because it has a battery I can recharge.. this new one doesn't. maybe I'll keep the camera for a gift for my mom? we'll see. (if she's good! lol!)

Okay.. 2nd great deal of the day. I stopped at Jewel and they had pub burgers on sale 10/$10 (they are these really juice Angus beef 5 oz burgers) so I got 10, I got 5 chex mix they were on sale 5/$5 and I had 5 50 cent coupons and then I got Edy's ice cream 2/$5 and I had 2 $1 coupons. My total came out to $15.85.. so either I got the ice cream for free or the chex mix.. either is yummy so I'm happy with that transaction! lol!

and here it is again.. the Walgreens sticker I love!! Pay at Costmetic Counter and SAVEEEEEE!!
every time I go I get the same cashier in that department.. I'm sure she sees me coming and runs and hides now! lol! She is very patient and always makes sure I get the deal correctly.. the only thing is she will never accept IP coupons unless a special manager is on duty that day/time... which I don't think I've nailed down when that person works.. anyway.. today I know she didn't give me at least 2 coupons.. one I caught before I went to the 2nd WAGS so I asked them to refund me and they did.. no problems. The other one I'll let slide becuase I just figured out my bottom line and it's pretty sweet.. so I'm not gonna worry!

so here is what I got.

◙5 Pepsi 12 packs (sorry I could only carry in one because they wind up back outside anyway) 5/$11
◙6 Granier shampoo/conditioners $3.99 each used $1 off each easy saver coupon so $6 total and then I had 5 $1 granier coupons but she had 6 so I let her use hers.. so another $6 off of those PLUS I'll get $10 rebate back.
◙1 Nivea for men Body Wash $4.99 she had a $1 manu coupon so I got to keep mine and I'll get $4.99 rebate back
◙1 Chemistry treatment $7.99 $3 easy saver coupon and I'll get back $7.99 rebate (she said she had a manu coupon for it but I can't find it on the reciept)
◙2 John Freida shampoo/conditioner B1G1 50% off $6.49 each plus I used a $3/2 coupon of my own
◙2 shredded cheese 2/$3 with IVR coupon
◙4 Cocoa bars packs, these were on sale for $2.99 each. I tried to use a $1.50 easy saver coupon from September and a $1 easy saver coupon from August and I'm pretty sure she only used one.. so I only got $3 off?

Okay so here is the mystery.. I gave her all my coupons which was probably a mistake because she started scanning a few and would put them aside and then would pull out hers and then put them aside so I think she skipped a few. Also I tried to do the Glade deal and of course she wouldn't take my BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale or the $4 off coupons so I said "forget it, I'll do it another time". No biggie. Also she scanned my $10/$40 FIRST which I had bought extra things just in case my total wasn't over $40 I could add those in (the cocoa via bars) but I'm not sure why I did that because my plan was to get $1.50 of each plus a $1 off each so really it would have been like 50 cents a box.. confused? yes I was too.. which is probably why in the end I just shoved them on the counter with everything else.

Okay so my total with tax was $38.91. I realized she didn't give me the last pepsi free so at the 2nd store I got my $2.75 back for that item. So my total OOP was $36.16. I received a $9 RR for the John Freida products so that brings my total down to $27.16 and I will recieve $25.38 in rebates (22.98 plus 10%) so my total OOP for the transaction today was $1.78 for everything. Not bad!


Jennifer said...

Hey not a bad haul!!! I went today, but wont be able to post until later when I'm done packing for the weekend. Check back later!!

Hippie said...

Wow - that's awesome!!!! I wish I had a Wags nearby!!!!!!