Sunday, August 3, 2008

What I did get out of the mess I made this morning..

~~~2 Glade Fabric & Air sprays $2.99 each.. free after two $1.50 coupons plus $1.50 easy saver book coupon
~~~lightbulbs free after easy care rebate
~~~2 Scrubbing Bubbles shower refills 2/$6 OMG I ONLY GAVE THEM ONE $1.50 COUPON I JUST REALIZED duhh!! anyway after coupon and easy saver rebate they will be 2/$3 would have been 2/$1.50 DANG IT!
~~~Visine (I was having a major allergy attack IN THE STORE) $4.99 $3 coupon from all you magazine
~~~2 boxes of garbage bags 2/$10 will be 2/$5 after easy saver rebate.

because of my returns and everything I have no clue what I actually spent OOP on this stuff. okay some quick addition I paid $18.50 for all products OOP but I used my rebate card so it was FREE. I will get back $5 for the bags, $1.99 for the bulbs, and $1.50 for the Scrubbing Bubbles. Not a bad run I guess.. ughhh still mad at myself. I guess waking up and leaving the house without waking up your brain first will do that to you.