Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ughh I *thought I was doing so good 20 minutes ago.. now NOT SO MUCH!

Okay.. so I've been reading about the Kelloggs 4/$10 with a $5 RR and and then found out about the MIR for Kelloggs for $10. So I figured because my area runs out of any deal fast I better get my arse to WAGS bright and early this morning.. and of course.. no such luck.. I got everything I wanted but I messed up HUGE on the whole deal.

When I got home I did my totals I spent $7.59 OOP and got a $5RR so I'm thinking I spent $2.59 OOP really.. not bad. so then I realize that the Smart Start cereals did not ring up correctly. ughhh really? So they rung up as $3.90 instead of $2.50 so I need to get that money back.

So I figured between everything with MIR and Easy Saver I made $18.50 on that entire deal.. not bad.. EEEERRRRRRR

not so much. now I just checked another blog and read that the Kelloggs MIR deal has to have a RR dated after 8/5! today is only 8/3 do you think they'll notice? Not only that but I realized that if I had bought more snacks I could have gotten 2 $5 RR one from the front page and one from the inside pages of the WAGS flyer. I just figured one $5 RR from "kelloggs" per transaction.. ya know?

Okay so then I get home stack all my goodies up nicely, run upstairs to get the camera.. oh yeah.. I left it hooked up to the computer all night which drains the battery!

Okay.. so do you think I should return all the cereal and just start over later this week and take advantage of all the deals? or just pray they pay me for the rebate and miss out on that $5? ughhh not good.


YoungSaver said...

I made the exact same mistake!!! I have no idea what to do! I understand the frustration. I think the best idea is to just do the transaction again, and deal with the mistake. Its too much of a hassle returning and dealing with the managers, and in the end we lose our man coupons. You win some, and lose some. Keep me posted on what you decide :).

YoungSaver said...

Oh and about the second register is only one per transaction. I tried to get 1 for the cereal and 1 for the poptarts but that did not work. I should have known it was too good to be true!

Melissa said...

Ughh are you kidding can't get 2 $5 RR at the same time? ok.. I figured that but wasn't sure.. I *just* got back from returning everything. I had to give back my $5 RR :( but they gave me full price back and did not give me back the coupons so that's a wash. Oh well.. I can take that extra $5 and buy 5 more newspapers! lol!

Sarah said...

Hey, just to make sure everyone knows...the Kelloggs Rebate requires:

"All products must be purchased in a single transaction on one store receipt"

This was the problem a lot of people were having last year.

Laurie said...

Good to know about having to buy each Kellogg's deal separately. What a pain!!! Do you all just do 2 separate transactions? I'm sure Walgreens LOVES that! Oh well - I do it at CVS, why not Walgreens, too.