Thursday, July 31, 2008

the curse

and so it goes.. I'm cursed. everyone has a curse of some sort. I believe. my husband's curse is being the slow driver magnet. No matter where we go, what time of day, it ALWAYS takes my husband twice the time it would take anyone else to drive there.. why? because every person in front of my husband drives at least 10 mph under the speed limit even during rush hour traffic and if they don't do that then they ride the break so you never if they are actually stopping for something or not. my curse has been pretty obvious over the years.. being my friend or just someone who knows me usually proves to be dangerous.. fatal is some instances.
I have the worst luck when it comes to my friends.

but worse is now this coupon hounding curse. I love it so much.. the deals.. out there calling to me.. sooooo I had a ton to do today.. and of course I wanted to hit my walgreens for their $5/$20 deal.. and I get there around 9am there wasn't anyone there.. ahhh yes.. I get my milk and decide to get the glucose monitor why..?? because it's free that's why. and because $14.99 + $5 = almost $20.. woot.. so I pay nothing OOP!! So I decide to stop and get some $1 items like twizzlers and those little crystal light type packets (I think they are Wylers brand) that WAGS sells for $1 per box. I figure I need them anyway so I buy enough to cover a possible $5 overage. I also grabbed a bottle of Pert to add to my easy saver.. armed with my $5/$20 WAGS coupon, 99 cent each twizzler, $3 off Pert, up to $20 off Touch one coupons I walk to the front to cash out.

In front of me walks a lady with only one item and she motions for me to go in front of her.. ahh noo.. I have COUPONS that always seem to take forever. So she goes ahead. I get up there and the cashier now is telling me her life story, showing me her blood monitor, her lunch, and I have no clue what else. oh yeah she was cleaning the countertop.. so finally she starts ringing me up.. I have some weird total like $36 which I never pay attention to..

So I hand her my coupons and she starts to try to scan the One Touch first and I say "ohhh you better do the $5 off $20 coupon first otherwise it probably won't work once the total is under $20" she looks puzzled, totally confused, but does it anyway. Then she tries to scan the ONe Touch coupon.. of course.. no dice. she looks it over and over.. keys in the $14.99 shrugs and keeps going.. my total NEGATIVE $4.81. umm okay.. how did that happen. now there is a huge line behind me (probably 7-8 people and if any of them were at Butera on Tuesday they hate my guts) so finally she calls for a manager, another cashier to open a register, and the cosmetic counter opens up her lane. Very relieved by standers make their little snide comments "thank god" as they glare at me likes it's my fault she has no clue what she did.

In the end it turns out she keyed in the $14.99 twice.. damn.. why didn't I get a few more items huh? At one point she kept telling me it was the $5/$20 because she couldn't give it to me for free. I said THAT IS A WALGREENS COUPON!! omg! she had no clue. so my total in the end was $7.13 I think? sounds right. ughh so in the end my 10-15 minute WAGS trip took me almost an hour.. nice huh? ughhh

So I wound up calling Butera corporate today.. the store I had the issue in on Tuesday. So I told the entire lengthy story to the RECEPTIONIST who was sure she could help me.. so after telling the whole store I'm pretty darn sure she put down the phone and wasn't listening because I told the story in time order and she had no idea what was going.. I was about to hang up and I mentioned something about talking to a neighbor about this last night and she said "oh this happned recently" I have given dates/times/descriptions earlier.. SO YEAHH.. she never took my name, number, anything.. just said she would "look into it" and *hoped* I would continue to shop there.. uhh yeah.. not so much.


Hippie said...

Awww I hate when coupons cause commotion!!! At least you got lots of stuff for cheap though! :) Is WAGS what you call walgreens??