Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ughhh thank god for good deals EARLIER in the day!!

Okay.. so I wanted to at least use my $5 RR from last week and get that $7 RR for this week.. so I headed to WAGS. I didn't think I made any rookie mistakes in a long time but I was just on the phone with my Aunt-in-law (my husband's aunt) and realized I had better coupons than what I used! ughh I went through those P&G's that are all expiring this week like 20 times.. I don't know how I missed them.

Anyway.. I also realized today that I haven't been adding my samples that I get through the mail. Today in the mail I got tampons from Tampax, at Walgreens I got a skin cream sample and also a Biore sample and one other I can't remember off the top of my head. Also, I got my first 2 rebate checks!! and one of them came with MORE COUPONS!! and wouldn't you know it.. rebatetracker.com is down? WTF! lol! I got $2.49 for the Sure Deoderant rebate and $3.29 for the Zout rebate!! woot!!

Okay so here is all the loot..


6 Olay body washes 3/$10
1 Ultra 2 glucose monitoring system $14.99

$5 RR from last week
3 $2 coupons for the Olay
2 $1.50 coupons for the Olay
1 $1 coupon for the Olay
up to $20 for the One touch (she gave me $14.99 so I got it free)

Total $6.81 got my $7 RR
of course I came home and found those other $2 coupons!! ughh! not good.

Stopped at Pet-Co and grabbed one 4lb bag of Nutro cat food (senior) and one 5lb bag of Nutro dog food (small bites) had free coupons for both but I had to pay $2 in tax?? is that right? I didn't want to argue with the girl.. she was really nice and I didn't read the actual coupons so they may have said Free up to $10.99 and my bags were $11 something each or whatever.

Then to Butera (read below)
but I did manage to get 2 monsters for free with my free monster coupons
and Edy's ice cream for $1.49 each. They were $2.49 on sale and I had $1 off coupons. So not a bad day.

$6.81 - $7.00 (rr) = -19 cents
$2 at petco
$20 at Butera

so basically $26.81 OOP
$50.16 in coupons & RR
$7 RR for my next WAGS trip
and $5.78 in Rebate checks!

I know I make no sense do I? lol!


frugalsuz said...

Great job! You usually have to pay tax on stuff when you use freebie coupons - its kinda annoying, but at least you got free food! I got those coupons too and I may cash them in this weekend.