Thursday, July 17, 2008

I beg to differ...

So tonight I had a small work meeting (very long story) but anyway we got on the subject of how on the news I guess they were talking about how people are going out to eat rather than eating at home because it's "cheaper" now that the price of food is skyrocketing.. yeah not so much.. it's not the healthiest lunch but I fed my son, my 2 nephews, (so a 16,14, & 10 yo all boys) plus myself lunch for...

$1.50 3 boxes of Kraft mac & cheese
$.69 cent turkey hot dogs
$.69 cent hot dog buns

$2.88 total.. 4 people including 2 teenage boys, a tween, and myself.. and there was left overs. Plus the news crew that discussed this was combaring McDonalds.. I can feed everybody crap food for $5 for 5 people.. at McDonalds it's $5 per person.. how is that cheaper? get real!