Friday, July 18, 2008

get-tow (ghetto) CVS

soooooo we don't have many CVS stores in the area but today I figured I would go to a CVS in a different town because the driving distance is the same and I didn't have other errands to run that would involve needing to go towards my normal CVS.. yes.. so this one is in a nearby town that just has a really bad rep for just being plain scummy. So I walk in and my MAIN reason for going, I need hair dye really bad and there was a good deal going on.. well of course they have not one type of blonde in the brand/type that I have coupons for and is on special.. upon inspecting the shelving tags I see they don't even stock blonde!! insane huh? Anyway.. so after getting gas for $4.23 then having to drive over a half hour to get to my nice quiet clean blonde hair dye stocking store I get my steals.. errr I mean deals and drive home.. passing a gas station that has gas for $4.18 KILL ME!

4 100% hair dye $7.99 B1G1 free
used 4 $3 coupons
2 Sally Hansen nail polish 99 cents each
used $3/2 coupon but it rang up as $1.28 and that's all she would give me
1 Stridex $3.99
used one $1 coupon
recieved $1.50 ECB
1 15ct towelettes $2.99 each
used $2 CVS coupon
recieved $1 ECB

Cashed in $2 ECB
Total $4.81 including tax

Not bad considering normally I would have spent $4 for hair dye and not gotten anything else!!

I now have $14 in ECBS which is nice. I should start checking out next weeks deals to see what I can get.

I just went on CVS and located a couple more CVS's I can hit, one of which has several other stores I can stop at for other things such as Target.


Veggiemomof2 said...

A store will stock depending on demand, so a ghetto store won't normally carry blonde haircolor ;)