Wednesday, July 30, 2008

great freebies, samples, and deals today OH YEAH!! and proof why I still don't need to buy the cow...

Okay so today I was pretty busy.. I had enough time to squeeze in a good 2 hour visit with my friends son/daughter/mom/brother and help out a bit with the kids. I brought my coupons thinking I might have time to stop at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Ulta, and CVS... ughh not so much. I was meeting my sister and mom for the $4 matinee of MaMa Mia and possibly a late lunch so I knew it was going to be tight.. I didn't wind up getting out of the house until almost 11.. so time was tight.

I had a great idea to go print coupons that don't print on my computer at my sisters and of course most of the ones I wanted didn't work at her house either!! ughh. so I printed out what I could and found out that I was VERY GLAD I didn't stop at WAGS today because a $5/$20 coupon came out for TOMORROW ONLY!! woot! Tomorrow I'm going back to my friends house to help with the kids again (I promised her 2 year old son some play time at the park)so either on my way there or home I can hit WAGS. I also have to take my nephew to the dentist.. so I can possibly hit Ulta and a few other places.

Not sure if I had mentioned it here but it's pretty much a fact now that my mail lady hates me. Every Tues/Wed/Sat we get flyers/coupons in our mail. For some reason I mysteriously stopped getting them about 4 weeks ago. At first I thought they stopped sending them out. Then I realized that other neighbors were still getting theirs after I watched my neighbor get her mail and then asked her if I could have hers when she was done... so for the last 4 weeks I've had to ask her every week. She doesn't mind but it's insane.. so I write a little note to the postlady asking "what's up" she writes back that she isn't sure, she'll look into it and MAGICALLY ads my Tuesday coupons/flyers with my address plainly typed on the front in my mail box yesterday.. then today the day that the all the grocery ads come out.. BAM nothing again.. grrr.. I'm calling the post office tomorrow.. ughh along with about 4 other phone calls I have.

Okay.. I also realized today that I didn't have a FREEBIE part of my blog.. how could I miss that??? I get really great freebies from time to time and normally there is a good story behind how I got them.

don't mind my photobombing son!! eh eh eh.. I learned that from another hounding blog.. and of course I can't find it right now and links never work in my blog anyway! ughh..

so here goes.

Ponds facial towellette

~two packages of dog poop bags ($10 credit from Amazon prime shipping trial membership I signed up and then so did my husband so we got two for free)
~two 12oz bags of cereal. $1 at Wal-Mart and there were $1 coupons for the 15oz or larger but another site linked the coupons as the ones to use to get them free. I figured it wasn't a bad deal so even though I only had 2 coupons I think I bought 5 bags.
~one Uncle Bens rice (I didn't think this one would ever come, another I think my postlady hates me.. my samples come days after everybody else)
~Smart Start Cereal.. it wasn't free. I have to send in for the MIR. I have had the MIR for awhile and meant to buy it and for some reason this box jumped off the shelf at into my cart today.

I spent a total of $18 at Super Wal-Mart today. I pulled into the parking lot and had NO CLUE what I needed to get there.. so I sat in the car thinking for a long time and decided to only get what I knew I needed. is still down! ughhh what a pain! I really liked that site! It keeped everything all organized for me! lol!

So now with my $5/$20 coupon for tomorrow I must strategically plan my outing. I need milk so 2/$5 is sort of expensive.. but hey.. I got a $7 RR as well.. so I'll get milk for free.. I'm STILL NOT BUYING THE COW! lol! I honestly can not remember what other deals I wanted to pull along with the milk! lol!