Saturday, July 26, 2008

Similac Advance HELP ALL MOM'S OUT THERE!!

Hi everybody.. a friend of mine had her baby on the 16th via c-section.. She went home on Friday and by Saturday was back in the hospital ICU with a very rare 1 in 1,000 chance gillian barre syndrom and has been in the hosptial since. Now my issue has been this.. between family/friends/neighbors they have been keeping down her household including her 2 year old son and of course her 10 day old daughter. The baby is on Similac Advance ready to feed in the little bottles.. they got some from the hospital and also bought some at a local store. Problem is is that they only breast fed their first born child and with this baby they had hoped to and of course with mom on agressive treatment including an insane amount of drugs for pain she has been having to pump and dump.

My son is 14 years old and I remember having to go through formula after formula before we finally found a formula that worked for him (he was in NICU his first two weeks of life and had problems latching after he came home) so it's been years since I've been in the "formula" isle. As it is this family has been living on a shoe string budget and adding formula to the mix is just going to hurt them more.

I have already started by getting them awesome diaper and wipes deals but I'd love to help them in the formula area as well.. Can any of you offer me some advice on how to get Similac Advance at a great price?


Kerri said...

Our son had to go on formula at 7 months old for failure to thrive, and with the health equipment needed for him the formula price of Alumentum ($26 a can) we were sinking. So we looked and looked and believe it or not we now get our formula from E-BAY!! It's been the cheapest. We usually end up paying 10$ a can including shipping. We buy a box or so at a time, just depending on how people are selling it. We have never had a problem or any bad cans yet. We've been doing this for a year now.

Carla said...

Is it possible for them to get WIC assistance? My daughter is on WIC. She nurses her little boy, but if she did not, she would be supplied with formula. I don't know what kind, or how much, but it is worth looking into. I wish them God's very best, and they are blessed to have a friend like you.


Leslie said...

Try contacting the company about bulk buying. Sometimes it is cheaper that way. Also try Sam's Club and Craigslist. I bought several cans from some Moms on craigs list. Similac will also send you $5-$7 coupons. Hope this helps and good luck!!

Kiki said...

The WIC assistance happens to be for Similac Advance. I have some extra. Can I mail you a couple?