Thursday, July 17, 2008

They never saw me comin!

My next stop tonight was Target... wow.. on line I heard they had some good deals.. not any to really be had by me.. but I had a plan, a list, a stack of coupons, plus my regular coupon book ready to go.

6 Head & Shoulder travel size .97 each
used 3 $3/2 coupons OVERAGE $1 EACH SET OR $3 TOTAL!!
Scotch Brite Cook Top Cleaner $6.49
used $1 off coupon I found
~will use MIR so this item will be free plus 50 cents after postage
Scotch Fur Grabber $9.99
used Target $4 coupon
used Manufacturer $4 coupon
Crystal Light 3 pack 99 cents
used 50 cent coupon
Old Spice RED ZONE Swagger bonus pack 12oz of shower gel
plus trial sized deoderant
on clearance for $2.10
used $1 coupon I got with Wal-Mart sample just this week

$7.49 with tax after coupons
MIR $6.49 so basically.. I spent $1 tonight on all items.
My original subtotal was $21.39 with out tax