Friday, July 18, 2008

Rookie Mistakes.. (I've made a couple whoppers so far)

Soooo I decided to hit Jewel last.. I needed Milk really bad and it was free after buying 5 boxes of GM cereal for $10. Of course I had plenty of coupons so my total would have been $6.50 for 5 boxes of cereal. I also had a catalina for v8 fusion $1.25 and had found another $1 coupon for that. I saw gronola bars on sale for $2.50a box and remembered I had $1 coupon tucked in my coupon book.. took that out. So my total after all sales and coupons was $9.52.. trusty CATALINA prints out the coupon for the free milk. I had put the milk behind the ceral boxes so I could do that as a separate transaction.. Dumb butttttyyy me never clued in the fact that the catalina freebie could possibly print for more than the actual cost of the milk and didn't include a filler in order #2. So of course little pimple face Johnny rings it up and tells me I owe 64 cents when it was showing as a NEGATIVE, so he gets all freaked out and calls everybody and their mother manager over.. so they void the coupon and just give me the price of the item which was $3.79 and I had to pay tax! duh!! oh well.. so I paid $9.59 for basically $30 worth of groceries.. not too bad.

#2 as I walked out of Jewel I saw a huge garbage bin filled with CATALINAS.. of course there was this lady right on my butt so I didn't stop and try to grab them.. ughh!!


Amanda said...

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I read your blog. It's great!! The local CVS manager has me on her black list b/c I use coupons but she can cry about it. There is a CVS on every corner and I will hound each one!! I love it. BTW, "Why buy the cow?" would have been a great name for your blog, but the one you have is great too.

Bren said...

Thanks for your blog about the uniformed cashiers. Yikes. If I had a $1 for everytime that happened to me now that I am a frugal shopper. (I am a rookie too) Cashiers freeeeek out at an overage! Be careful at Target. I had a bad experience because they decided they would no longer accept coupons for trial sizes even if the coupon doesn't specify! :( My iceream melted after being at the register for an hour with a grumpy cashier and my two kids. I thought they were going to drag me off to jail! LOL. My blog is