Tuesday, July 29, 2008

using coupons = RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE???

Okay I wanted to use 2 of the FREE monster coupons I had gotten, 6 coupons for 75 cents off a 1/2 lb of Krakus Ham and 2 coupons for $1 off Edy's ice cream. Soooooo the last time I had these SAME 75 cent off coupons for Krakus I walked into the store and SPECIFICALLY ASKED the customer service desk girl if I had to split each 1/2 lb up or if I could get them as full lbs or what. I said I didn't want to make more effort for the cashier because it's hard enough to use coupons. So she said "go ahead and get them however you need them and then I'll just come override them for you, NO PROBLEM!" big smile.. happy as could be.

I went about my shopping and the only coupons I had were for the Krakus ham and of course it was giving the cashier a problem.. I let her know that the customer service lady said she would override them with no problem, so she calls her over.. little miss smilie comes over, overrides them and as I'm leaving I realize that the way that it appears on the little sticker printout on the meat it looks like I've well over paid.. so I'm standing there and the cashier asks if there is a problem.. and I said "ahh I'm just trying to figure this out, if it's right" so she asks "which product" and I tell her it doesn't seem like the deli had printed out the right sticker or something.. so then like 3 other people come over another cashier, little miss smilie customer service desk lady, oh and one of the deli people even showed up. So we went back and forth and I kept saying over and over "I was just trying to figure it out in my head" and they kept going and going with it.. Finally I said "NO IT'S FINE, I WAS JUST TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT FOR MYSELF" little miss smilie is now NASTY says "I *HOPE* you are satisfied" umm okay.. whatever and I leave.

That was about 3-4 weeks ago.. so fast forward to today. Now I have 6 coupons for the 75cents off.. KRAKUS is on sale for $1.99 a 1/2 lb so I'm riding nicely at $1.25 a 1/2 lb or $2.50 a full lb!! Cool. I walk in again.. get my ice cream, the monsters, wait at the deli counter get 3lbs of KRAKUS all split in 1 lb packages, and a few other items. I get to the cashier and all heyyyylll breaks loose. Somehow I get mr ghetto gangster cashier who doesn't understand that a PURCHASE IS 1 ITEM. so he's fighting me that I can't use 2 coupons for 2 monsters. I calmly explain that each item is a PURCHASE and all my items is a transaction (as you've taught me here, thank you everybody) and he says he can't do it, it won't let him.. so I look over and it's because he is keying in $1.99 instead of their price of $1.69!! So I tell him that he says "ohhhhhh" keys it in, it goes through.. no issue. he gave me major tude, but at some point I said "Fine take one of the monsters off and I'll do it as a separate TRANSACTION" and he said "whatever"

Then he keys in the $1 off coupons for the Edy's..no issue.

Then he get to the Krakus I explain it to him and he's like "oh yeah ok" so he put in one, it took it.. the 2nd one.. nope.. so one of the other cashiers comes over and tries to override them for him.. it lets her do 2 others and won't go any further. so she looks at me and shurgs as if to say "too bad lady" and I said "okay take two of the hams off and I'll just buy THOSE separately" so mr ghetto boy gets all huffy and starts taking them off BUT instead of grabbing the 2nd one which is priced LOWER by 30 cents he tries to take off 2 of the lower ones.. so I stop him just as he's about to do it and he says "I wasn't going to do that" he's still holding the one that is marked $3.90. the $3.90 is already taken off.. done.. so now the line behind me is totally backed up.. and here comes miss smilie all ticked off apologizing to the people BEHIND me for the wait and yelling at the cashiers and me "RING HER OUT I'LL TAKE CARE OF THIS UP THERE" then mumbling "this is nuts, totally ridiculous" and some other choice comments I could clearly hear. So he rings me out.. gives me this little receipt and she says where is the receipt.. I give her what he gave me.. she asks HIM for the receipt he has no idea what he did with it.. tries to give her something else and now nasty smilie says "THIS ISN'T EVEN THE RECEIPT" and looks at me.. I have no clue WTF he did with it.. so we walk over and she says so what happened, I explain it to her (I forgot to tell you he was trying to take all my 75 cent coupons off at one point too), she gets all huffy and says "YES I REMEMBER YOU FROM LAST TIME" and I'm like.. "umm I'm right, I don't see what the issue is with this.. I specifically asked you how I should do this transaction, I did it how you SAID I could do it and it's still a problem" she slams some piece of paper in front of me asks me to sign it.. hands me $1.50 and then rings up the last ham, scans the 2 75 coupons which scanned perfectly fine for her with no overriding.. then as I'm leaving makes some comment in a sing song voice "HAVE A NICE DAY"

OMG I was steaming! What is the deal? I don't get it!! Why is this such an issue???
Smile.. it will make people wonder what you are thinking!


Dr. Mom said...

I hate it when coupon problems like that happen. Sorry you had such a bad experience with people who probably pay full price for everything! Now who's laughing?!

Jennifer said...

OMG....I totally hear ya sister!! It's like the minute they see you have coupons in your hand they get an attitude. I've only been "CVSing" for about a month now and I already have "my" CVS stores figured out as far as who is friendly, who is not & which stores to only do 1 transaction! I used to care about the attitude I got from people, but these days it is a must for me to save money so I give them attitude right back. By the way....I love your blog...you crack me up!!!

frugalsuz said...

Ugh, what a pain. Sometimes cashiers are wonderful and so sweet, and other times - you run into people like this.